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Meet InstaCam – Windows Phone Instagram client

2 Feb , 2012  

InstaCam by Dmitry Manayev was able to hit the windows phone market place yesterday and it has proven to cover most of the basic features that Instagram offers. With InstaCam you will be able to take pictures on your phone, add different effects, and then share them via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Most of the features include:

  • Browse anonymously without an Instagram account or login to use more Instagram features
  • View popular pictures from users around the world
  • View pictures from your friends or view your own Instagram pictures
  • Share pictures with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via email
  • Follow and un-follow users and see your own followers (following) (view limit
  • Add likes and post comments to pictures
  • See who liked picture (view limit 50) or added comments
  • Search for photos by tag
  • User profiles with feeds, likes, followers and more
  • Make your own photos, use one of 7 filters and save
  • Two special filters are exceptionally new and you will not find them anywhere else

Click Here to Download InstaCam from the WindowsPhone Market Place.

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Review: Lyrics by MusiXmatch

25 Jan , 2012  

Are you lazy enough to search for the lyrics of the song you are playing or just wish that Music Player can show it while playing the song automatically? Well, then Lyrics by MusiXmatch is the perfect App for you. This free app features a gorgeous looking UI which is inspired by the WIndows Phone’s Metro UI. Beautiful UI and sleek design makes the perfect thing anyone would ever wish. Lyrics is developed in Qt. Not only the beautiful UI and design but it possess nice features as well. Read more to learn more about the app!  😛


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SpeedTest App for Symbian and MeeGo

14 Jan , 2012  

SpeedTest.Net is a well-known service for testing speed of internet connection. Android and iOS was one to get a client for this service. And Symbian didn’t have any client so far. I was one of those who wanted this and requested for a client for Symbian.
I just stumbled upon  an app in Nokia Store which tests the internet connection using . It doesn’t seem official app but claims to test speed from SpeedTest.Net.

This app allows you to test ping and download/upload speed.


There are enough settings and also the ability to select server to test with. It also stores the history of your previous tests.


Download this app from Nokia Store for free:

Its available for Symbian & MeeGo


NetView for N9 / MeeGo

8 Jan , 2012  


NetView is a nice free app available for MeeGo device Nokia N9 (N950 of course). It allows you to use your phone with a browser over HTTP or with secure SSL from some windows client like  SSVNC.  This app uses VNC for this.

Netview is a VNC based remote control for your phone. Netview enables you to view and interact with your phone from your laptop via a wifi connection. It provides an easy way to access the phones’ apps from a computer. It is based on X11VNC.


  •   Mouse and keyboard input.
  •   Orientation changes.
  •   Password protection.
  •   Only one viewer connected at a time.
  •   Secure (SSL encrypted) connection.
  •   Connection via HTTP from your web browser.
  •   Low power consumption.

N9 screenshot

NetView runs as a Java Applet in your browser and shows you the device screen. The screen in browser isn’t smooth. App may have limited usage in real life but it can be very handy when in the situations like when I corrupted my N9’s keyboard.

You can download it from Nokia Store:  Download

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Nokia N9 Apps – Readers Choice

8 Jan , 2012  

Jason on Nokia Conversations , posted a nice post showing most useful apps for Nokia apps that he found out from comments on his post last month. He missed out some apps in last post and users pointed out some useful apps, which he posted in his revised blog post on Nokia Conversations .

He pointed out following apps as must have apps for Nokia N9 (MeeGo / Harmattan)

He also described why he thinks they are must have. Have a look at his post at Nokia Conversations to find out what he thinks. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite apps too. 😉

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Protect your phone from theft. Use this app

4 Jan , 2012  

Have you ever lost your mobile phone before? If yes, How did it feel? Nice? I doubt! :/ Most of us cannot stay comfortably for few minutes without our Nokia phones not to talk of loosing it. Just to save you from that sad moment of loosing your mobile phone, we have decided to give you a “Plan B” to secure you just in case you fall into that bad condition. If you’ve got the resources to watch the video below, you could skip the rest of the article and watch it otherwise keep reading.

There are many apps that offer Anti Theft solutions but this article is focused on F-Secure Anti Theft

What is F-Secure Anti Theft?

F-Secure Anti-Theft For Mobile is a mobile security application designed to prevent misuse of your personal and confidential data in your mobile phone. Anti-Theft Mobile has some powerful features like the ability to remotely lock the phone with a single SMS message. You can even know the location of your lost phone and even when the thief replaces the sim card in your mobile phone, the Theft Control feature lets you lock the phone automatically and even sends an sms message to you informing about the thief’s new number. Finally if you are unable to retrieve the mobile phone then you can erase all the data in the mobile phone with one sms message using the feature called Remote Wipe.

By sending a single sms you can control the data in your mobile phone and

– Lock your phone remotely
– Locate your phone remotely
– Erase the confidential data remotely
– Information about the thief’s new number

In Summary,

This Application:

– Is easy to install and use.
– Protects your confidential information against loss or theft
– Helps you locate your phone

Even Nokia supports the use of this application as they continuously add it to their mobile phones that support it just to encourage and support their customers. All that is required from you is to set it up and understand how it works.

You can download the Symbian version from the store free of charge. The Video below is a demonstration of how it works 🙂

PS: Before I call it a wrap, please note that having this application is not a guarantee that you MUST find your lost Nokia phone. A certain level of carefulness is still required of you as a human being.

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