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SN Upload review – Sharing, sharing, sharing

18 Feb , 2013  

Social sharing is a big and integral part of Windows Phone, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s shortcomings. Photo sharing is one of those shortcomings. It’s easy to post a message on all your social networks but when it comes to pictures, you have to manually upload it to each social network at a time. Did you ever wondered what you would do if you had two Twitter or Facebook accounts? Windows Phone only supports one of them. How about posting to your Facebook Page? Windows Phone has no support for that whatsoever.

This is where SN Upload comes to the rescue. The app allows you to choose or take a photo and upload it to all your accounts at once. You can have as many Twitter and Facebook accounts as you want. SN Upload supports Facebook pages too, not to mention Flickr and Dropbox.

For each photo you upload you can select the accounts where that photo should be uploaded to. For capped or slow data connections the app offers the ability to resize the photo before uploading it which improves the upload speed considerably.

SN Upload started as a Twitter and Facebook only uploader, but has evolved the past few months to now include Facebook Pages, Flickr and Dropbox. And it’s only at version 1.7(pending approval).

The application is pretty simple to use, has a tabbed interface, just like any other Windows Phone hub. The first panel greets you with a photo slot, a message box and an upload button. The accounts you have selected to upload to, are displayed above the message box. Tapping the accounts label takes you to the accounts panel.

In the accounts panel, you can see all your accounts and select which ones you would like to upload to. Adding another account is just one step away. All you need to do is tap the “…” menu and choose which type of account you want to add. In case your Facebook pages have changed(you became admin to new ones, or removed some page) you can use the same menu and tap the “refresh facebook pages” option to update the pages you administer.

Next comes the settings panel where you can select the dimension you wish to resize your photos to before uploading. Here you have 4 choices Small(640×480), Medium(1024×768), Large (1600×1200) and Original(original file resolution). You should note that if you choose the original resolution it may take some time before SN Upload posts your photos on all your accounts, because the photo in question may be large. If you choose to resize your photos, your uploads will take very little time to complete, because the size of the resized image is around 90% smaller than the original image hence increasing the speed of the upload.

SN Upload can be used by opening the app and selecting a photo from the gallery by tapping on the image slot, or by simply using the Pictures Hub share menu when viewing an image.

The app is available for all Windows Phone with version 7.5 and above. It and has a 3 days trial and can be downloaded from here: SNUpload for Windows Phone.

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How to authorize Gravity to upload pic to your Filckr?

8 Dec , 2012  

No doubt, Gravity is one of the best Twitter clients out, it also features client for various other social service. Few may also be  unaware that they can use Gravity to upload images directly to their Flickr account.

Image upload feature supports several services  including Flickr but if you want to upload to your Flickr account you need to authorize your Flickr account with Gravity. So how to do it? If you go into Image Section > Settings, you will get a screen like below:

All you need to make gravity upload images to your flickr account is Flickr code.

How to get Flickr Code?

To get the Flickr Code, visit and you will be redirected to Flickr Authorization page.

Click on OK, I’LL AUTHORIZE IT.  You will be provided a code, put it inside Gravity’s Setting> Flickr Code. Gravity will show you a message, authorized, once code is verified online.

Okay, you’re done setting it up. Now keep uploading and flood your Flickr. 😉

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Nokia Xpress Intenet for Lumia phones hits BetaLabs

4 Oct , 2012  

Well folks, you know that cool thing Opera Mini does when it compresses web pages to save you data consumption? You know that the same tech is used by Nokia with the Asha browser? Well, Lumia users you’re in for a treat.

Nokia has just added a new cool app called Nokia Xpress to Beta labs. This app is a web browser that uses Nokia’s cloud to compress web pages and images to save you buck on data costs. Besides being a full fledged browser, Nokia Xpress adds a few more goodies like tabbed browsing, most visited pages and a magazine view for your favorite blogs.

Nokia Xpress also gives you the ability to see how much data it has consumed and you can set the downloaded image quality. The app is still in beta so it misses some features like the ability to specify if you want to see the mobile version of a website or the desktop version, or the ability to use the IE10 user agent, but those will most likely be added in the near future.

Have to say that this was one app that the Windows Phone ecosystem really needed. I’m not sure if the app is available for other Windows Phones but what I can say is that the entire Lumia line is supported.

Anyway, here’s the official video presentation.


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Brink – Twitter client for Windows Phone

21 Sep , 2012  

So one day I was bored with the official Twitter client and with Seesmic too and decided to check out what new Twitter clients I could find on the Marketplace. I came across Brink. It was way down in my search results for… wait for it… tweet. Yep, that’s right. It wasn’t even in the search results for Twitter. Now wonder I haven’t seen it before. I was a bit skeptical but the screenshots convinced to try it out. As it turns out, it’s my new favourite Twitter client.



First of all, I have to say that it’s just beautiful. The Twitter clients that support customizations usually have a dark and a light theme to choose from. Not Brink. You can theme it with backgrounds and fonts, you can have multiple accounts, and you can even add a tile to post updates from the start screen with one tap.

Another thing I absolutely love about it is the Activity view. With Seesmic I used to have a section for mentions and one for retweets which I had to go back and forth through. This Activity view shows both mentions and retweets and I like it. Maybe it’s just me, but the way I need to use Twitter, Brink is what I need.

Oh, did I mention it’s free AND ad-free? I would actually pay for this app(if MS would hurry up to add support for payment from Romania that is).

One more thing I like about Brink the attention to detail. Those little things that just tick all the boxes. One example retweet style. You can choose from quote, append and pre-pend and you can use which one you like best. Some features you only get with paid clients are support for both Instapaper and Pocket(read it later), support for Bitly and for Flickr.

Another thing that I love about it is the way they do lists. Most clients, official one included, just show you the members of Twitter your lists in their lists views. Brink shows you their tweets.

The only two features I would like to see, and I was assured by the developer of the app that they are well underway, are toast and live tile notifications. Once those arrive, I will no longer have a reason to keep the official Twitter client installed on my phone.

Anyways, here’s a video tour of the app. Go on, download it yourself, it’s definitely worth it.

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13 must have free apps for your Lumia phone

13 Sep , 2012  

After a few months of using Windows Phone I thought of compiling a list of apps that I can’t live without on my Lumia 800. Since Microsoft doesn’t support apps purchase in Romania, I had to live with free apps. Here are a few that I use on daily basis.

1. Evernote

Cross platform note taking is a must have for pretty much everyone. You want your notes at home on your computer, you want them on you table, and you want them on your phone. Evernote does it on all platforms. It has clients for all mobile platforms, for desktop computers and a web version in case you need to access you notes from a web browser. It supports rich text notes with images and everything.


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eBuddy XMS for Windows Phone review – Free texting

12 Sep , 2012  

eBuddy is well known to Symbian users as a instant messenger that could connect to lots of instant messaging services, but the XMS version reviewed here is different.

If you’re into chatting a lot and you don’t want to pay a lot on text messages, or you don’t want to chat on social networks then here’s a service for you. The eBuddy XMS messenger works like an SMS service, but uses your data connection instead of your precious and expensive SMSs.

eBuddy is available for all platforms, WP, Symbian, iOS, Android and BlackBerry, so you don’t have to worry if a version is available for your friends. Everyone can join the party and text for free(if you have a data plan that is).

First of all you need to enter your phone number and you’ll receive an activation SMS. After entering the code in the application you can start using the application. eBuddy can scan your phonebook and your Facebook account and show you in your list of contacts all your friends that are registered with eBuddy.

Basically, if you have a data connection you don’t have to pay for text messages anymore. eBuddy XMS is available for all platforms invoicing Symbian, but it looks like the feature set is not the same on all platforms. I’ll explain what that means in a sec.

eBuddy supports groups, which means you can add your friends in a group and text to ask of them at once. It seems though that some versions of eBuddy XMS do not support the group feature but I’m not sure which one do and which don’t. The WP version and the Symbian version do support it as you’re about to see in the video at the end of this post.

Update:I’ve been informed by the developers of eBuddy XMS that the latest versions supports groups on all platforms. At the time when this part of the review was written, the persons I was trying to add to a group may have used an older version which did not support groups.

Even if the app is not started you will still receive toast notifications thanks to the background agent that eBuddy implements. However, you have to keep in mind that on WP the background agents stop working if you enter battery saving mode, so if you’re low on battery you may not be able to receive messages unless you’ve got the app open. This is a WP restriction, not a bug in eBuddy.

Check out the video below for a demo of eBuddy XMS.