[Review] Dalton The Awesome Reloaded

5 Jul , 2012  

I had a lot of fun playing Dalton The Awesome on Nokia N9, spends lots of hours playing it. So stumbling on Dalton The Awesome Realoaded and buying it at the moment on my Nokia N8 was obvious. I bought it right away. But how was the experience? Let’s find out.


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Nokia Air : Leaked Video of Nokia Air Promo

26 Jun , 2012  

Nokia Air Promo video is leaked which shows Nokia Air running on few cool devices.  This Nokia Air cloud service provides an integration of complete cloud through out the phone.

Nokia Air will let you sync contacts, calenders, media contents and apps. No need to download the contents, just stream! You will stay updated with it’s cloud technology always.

Video features three devices, a tablet, a smartphone and a small mobile device. Choose the device and where to start. 

It also shows a completely different and new UI. No more menus.  Just choose the Apps and Games from the Store and play. No need to download. Hence, bringing completely cloudy experience.

Look of the OS is like combination of Symbian Belle and MeeGo. It maybe Symbian Belle FP 2?  But again, if we are looking at Tablets, Symbian running on a Tablet at nHD resolution is weird. It is also possible that this new UI may make it possible to run itself are higher resolutions. Possibilities are many, nothing can be said until its official. But if this thing comes to Symbian, surely Symbian users will get a fresh life to live.

Are you excited about this stuff?




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[Updated] Nokia N9 FM Radio

12 May , 2012  

Update: 13th May, 2012

Nokia nailed down the problem with “Download failure” it will be fixed on Monday (14 Apr 2012), and users will be able to download 1.0.0 version safely. Please do NOT press “Download” button more than 10 times to avoid double charges. More info at their official site:

Nokia N9 FM Radio application for N9 unlocks FM receiver functionality for Nokia N9 phones. New version has 2 different themes and RDS support, it is far most popular radio application in the OVI Store.

Previously FM Radio (Retro) was shared for free as Beta version with many users, after testing was done, author gathered a lot of important feedback and made improvements in the backend. For instance, it would be impossible to support so many different headsets without Beta testing. Retro design was recognized by users as well, so new version has got a clear Fallout style theme. FM Radio was the first radio application in the store and after the public release became most popular very fast.

First OVI Store version was obviously lacking RDS support and in despite of good looking UI did not fully fit into Nokia N9 style. But version 1.0.0 change the situation completely. Now user can choose between Retro style and new Nokia N9 theme. New version has automatic channel search and supports favourite channel list.

After the introduction, let’s check available features:



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BIG Price Drop on Applications & Games at Nokia Store

26 Apr , 2012  




Here it is a Big price drop on Applications and Games at Nokia Store this is really a big discount by Nokia India go Check the Nokia Store Applications are on heavy discount, one more Good news for Vodafone India User’s you can now pay with your operator billing there is no need of credit card if you are using Vodafone connection so don’t wait just grab as many as you can.

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WhatsApp Client ‘Wazapp’ for MeeGo Coming on May 1st

26 Apr , 2012  



Recently we show video of Wazapp in action. Recently, developer announce on their website that he is going to release first public version of Wazapp on May 1st.

Are you excited to receive WhatApp client of one of the most popular messaging platform on MeeGo?


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WazApp : WhatsApp Client for Nokia N9

19 Apr , 2012  

Though officials refused to bring WhatsApp for MeeGo, MeeGo Community, known for great modding and development by #N9 & #N950Club community, brought unofficial client for popular messaging app WhatApps. This shows how dedicated this community is even though the mass is less!

Have a look at Video Demo:


The application website

Developer Twitter

via MyNokiaBlog