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Nokia Lumia 900 Hardware Teardown and Review

5 Apr , 2012  


Bill Detwiler at TechRepublic disassembled Nokia Lumia 900 to have a peek at it’s hardware. They posted series of photo’s taken while disassambly.

Have a look at their full gallery at 

They also compared it with Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S and said

The Lumia 900 may lack of a dual-core processor and have a lower resolution screen and less storage capacity than the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S, but it’s definitely the best Windows Phone 7 device I’ve tested. And even with its less-than-cutting edge hardware, I found the Lumia’s overall performance on par with the other two phones.


They are correct, hardware specs wise, they may lead, but Lumia 900 has sufficient specs to run Windows Phone smoothly or any other app, then burdening more on customers just for higher specs is senseless.

You can also read their full review at 

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Nokia Symbian Belle review – Turn the page – #RecapReview #3

21 Mar , 2012  

Back in January 2011 I did pretty big Symbian^3 review as it was a big step up the evolution ladder for Symbian. Today I want to do the same kind of review to Belle, because it is more of a revolution than an evolution of Symbian.

Why am I calling it a revolution? Because Nokia finally got rid of many of the perks that were holding Symbian back. The bottom toolbar can now host 4 buttons instead of the traditional Menu and Back buttons, while Qt apps can have even more. That means the menus got simplified all over the OS and you can now do more with less taps.

Symbian just got a new pull-down status bar a-la Android, which is a good thing. The new status bar is not as tall as the old one was and leaves more room for applications. Considering that Qt applications use the same status bar, you can not hardly tell the difference between a Qt app and a native app.

Besides showing notifications for new messages, missed calls, missed reminders, mobile network and WiFi network, the new status area has 4 non configurable shortcuts for turning on and off mobile data, WiFi, Bluetooth and silent mode.

The unlock screen appears when the phone is locked and you press the menu or unlock key, and shows you the time and your missed events, like messages, calls and the upcoming calendar events. Of course the phone can be locked using the knob too(if your model has one). The unlock screen now supports background images, and uses the one from the last visited homescreen.

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The Nokia N9; “A work of art” says Jesse Oguns – #RecapReview #2

6 Mar , 2012  

A work of art and a beauty to behold. That is how I will label the Nokia N9. I have had a trial unit courtesy of Nokia Connects for a few days. The unit I have is Blue.

Those are the exact words of “The Brand Evangelist”. He is Jesse by name and he is a mobile enthusiast. He has handled quite a number of mobile phones in the past.

In this edition of the #RecapReview featuring the Nokia N9, Jesse on his blog simply describes it as a work of art. Here are some of the excerpts from his post:

What prompted me to trial this device is what I have heard about Swipe being addictive. After using it for a few days, I can tell you how addicted i have been to Swipe. I tend to Swipe each time on my Nokia N8 too.

On Messaging, here is what Jesse concluded:

I find the Messaging integration of the Nokia N9 very fascinating. The design of the sms UI and the speed with which the OS responds makes me want to keep texting. The touch keypads are well spaced and very responsive also.

Using Skype, Facebook and Gtalk chat feels like you are chatting using an iPhone. It is fast and clean.

On the Nokia N9’s native Browser, this is what Jesse says:

The native browser is HTML5 enabled. If you sign in to Twitter, you will get the mobile web app version of twitter.

Ofcourse you can navigate to Jesse’s blog as there are more to uncover. 🙂

In addition to Jesse’s wonderful write up, here’s “a bit extra” courtesy of Nokia Conversations featuring the Nokia N9.

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Jane’s First look on the Nokia C7-00 – #RecapReview #1

29 Jan , 2012  

You remember we said something about summarizing your reviews on Nokia products over hear? In case you missed that post, you should read this. Few Days back, we had a #KnowYourNokia session on twitter where we discussed on the Nokia C7.

Now, Jane Ullah (@JaneTalksTech) is a ‘geeky blogger’ and a photographer and she’s passionate about Tech related matters. Her review on the #Nokia #C7 might be quite old (during the PR1.1 days) but it is quite educative as she throws more light on the benefits and demerits of having one. With her advancement in photography, she looks deep on how useful or useless the Nokia C7 could be.

According to Jane;

The Nokia C7 has an Extended Depth of Focusing camera which means there’s no “focus” step in taking the picture and lessens the chances of getting the wrong item in focus. This feature lends itself well to taking photographs of things like landscapes or group photos because the EDoF feature tries to get everything in focus. The included photo editor on the Nokia C7 (which the Nokia N8 has) bears highlighting.

Video Recording on the Nokia C7 is pretty handy in a pinch. Nokia has also included basic video editor on the phone might just entice you into showing your creations to the world! 🙂 The same options on the N8 for video recording are present on the C7; You can split your video, add title clips before or after and style your title clips.

On her blog, she even wrote on the standard price (in different regions) which one could get the Nokia C7-00.

You may navigate to her post to be more enlightened on this device!

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