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Casts – a beautiful beta app in the podcast segment

7 Apr , 2014  

Casts – a beautiful beta app in the podcast segment

There is a new podcast app coming in the Windows Phone 8.1, but that is still a month away. We are super fans of Podcast Lounge for its features and usability. And there is another player here, Casts. Casts is a podcast app and its currently free and its a beta.

So if you’re ready to test it, go grab it. After all its free, there is nothing stopping you from giving it a try. And remember its in beta still, so go easy if you find any bugs. And do report it to the dev ūüôā








or scan the QR Code..


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Lumia 525 Review – Best seller 520 has been future proofed

30 Mar , 2014  


Nokia announced the Lumia 520 at MWC 2013. This entry level budget smartphone, with an attractively  affordable price tag , broke all the previous records of Lumia with record sales numbers in popular markets. Lumia 520 was a great value for money product, but a small thing that was highly criticized, which applies to all the X20 series phones below 820, the 512MB RAM it ships with. Some apps/games  in Windows Phone store require 1GB of minimum RAM. So despite of having a capable GPU, Lumia 520 cannot run those games.  To overcome this problem, Nokia released a small revision and hence the name Lumia 525.  And in the process it has just future proofed the best selling Windows Phone ever.

Nokia launched Lumia 525 in India in second week of January , 2014 with great price tag of Rs. 10,399.  The main improvement was 1 GB RAM so that it can support all the games and app available in Store. Lumia 525 was targeted to be a budget smartphone for gaming, and for the users moving from a feature phone to a smartphone for the first time. It was launched with free Gameloft games worth Rs. 2025/- .



  • Good build quality and Design
  • Pretty Decent Camera
  • Offline HERE maps & navigation
  • Super-sensitive touch
  • Good performance for the price ratio


  • No front camera
  • No camera flash
  • Outdoor display visibility
  • 8GB inbuilt memory

Read more for the detailed review.


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Instatic – A full blown Instagram Statistic viewer for Windows Phone

19 Mar , 2014  

Remember the time we talked about UnfollowSpy back a little while? Now there is something better than that (it depends upon what you want out of them, more about it on a bit), called Instatic.

Let me get one thing straight, UnfollowSpy is for you if you wish to get insights in a lite and easy way and also wish to have Twitter and Facebook statistics . Yeah i know that there is no Facebook support now, but its coming, its planned. Just use that and exit this post now. But if you wish to have both the apps running for the other services UnfollowSpy has to offer, and also wish to have even more detailed insight on your Instagram account than what Unfollowspy has to offer, read on. And by no means i favour one over the other, both are awesome! it just comes to what you’re looking for.

First thins first, you have to login with an Instagram account, its simple. And then comes the sad part, first time load. Wait quite a long while for the app to get the stats from Instagram and to analyse and to work on it and present it to you. Depending on the followers, following and post and likes the wait time will vary. Thankfully you can tell it not to update on startup and can reduce various stuffs under the settings to load it faster, given that you’re okay with stats not so deep. If you see the settings page yourself, you’ll get what i am saying. Everything is simple and easy.

You first see the dashboard, from where you can move around

Instatic Dashboard


The app gives a very detailed analysis without annoying you like some other apps, you do get one notification that suggests to follow the app’s Instagram account, which you can opt to neglect. The app is fully functional, has a great UI and UX, it just works as you expect. Does what it says in a sweet manner, if you are a heavy Instagram user and care for stats, go for it. There are several packages which you can unlock the features of the app, and you can also get the total pack which includes all the feature and also gets rid of the advts. Its a very little price to pay for an app this good, its also a good way to support the dev.


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Best of Chess apps in the Windows Phone Store

4 Jan , 2014  




Chess is by far our favorite Chess app apart from Chess by Post. Chess by post is all about playing with a stranger, you get to play with random opponents who have more or less the equivalent ranking. White starts, if you start a game you’re white. Once you make a move you’ve got 5 days to make the next move, you can make your next move at anytime within that 5 day time limit. If failed the opponent is declared the winner. Apart from this all the rules of chess apply. You can also start a unranked game, which implies that your ranking will not raise or lower if you win or lose an unranked game. Unranked game can be between you and your facebook friends or by username.

On the other hand Chess is an app which allows you to play with the computer, this is the main highlight of this game even though both the app has local two player. So you love Chess and you have a Windows Phone? These two are the apps for you! Go get them and make your brain busy.


App: Chess
Catogery: Game (Statergy)
Developer: Paras Wadehra
Store Link: Chess at Windows Phone Store

App: Chess By Post
Catogery: Game (Statergy)
Developer: Jeff Cole
Store Link: Chess by Post at Windows Phone Store

Image Courtesy:

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Weather+ a weather app for Windows Phone That is all New

1 Jan , 2014  

Weather+ is a cool new weather app for Windows Phone. It is nothing like the other weather apps out there, and it goes along with the text heavy Windows Phone style with minimal pictures in its UI but gives you a lot of glanceable information via text. It also has enormous customizability with toast notification, something new to the weather
app category as far as i can remember. Try it out, you’ll be impressed.

The public version will be released on January 10th, but right now the beta and public version has nothing separating them. This is a sneak peek of the app, stay tuned for info when the app gets published in the store.

The page showing the weather of your location according to dates:


Zoom out, by pinching out to get a view like this

Weather+ 1

Customisation options available for the icons

Weather+ custom

Here’s a video Review

By the way, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

App: Weather+
Category: Weather
Store Link:

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A tale about Nokia DT-900 & Nokia CC-3064 with qi

1 Jan , 2014  

Nokia, Samsung, Foxconn, Hitachi, Panasonic, LG, ASUS, Haier, LiteOn, Toshiba, Verizon, Motorola, Google, HTC, Qualcomm, Sony, Ericsson, Toyota are the few amongst the big names who support qi standard of wireless charging. A company has to pay $15,000 annually to be a part of this group. All Qi devices are tested in any one of the 10 testing stations found here. There are 3 types of formats in Qi, low is for mobile devices, medium – high is for home appliances.

Qi specifications are numbered with three digits: X.Y.Z. For example 1.0.3

  • X is called the major revision number. Specifications with the same major revision number are backward and forward compatible.
  • Y is called the minor revision number. A change in minor revision number implies that new requirements are introduced while maintaining backward compatibility previously certified products
  • Z is called the editorial revision number. Editorial revisions include clarifications, integrate new transmitter designs into one document, and may add new test to the test specifications.

The current version of the Qi specification has version number 1.1.2. Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, is based on a few simple principles. The technology requires two coils: a transmitter and a receiver. An alternating current is passed through the transmitter coil, generating a magnetic field. This in turn induces a voltage in the receiver coil; this can be used to power a mobile device or charge a battery.

When you leave the wireless charger plugged into the wall socket it¬†only sucks in 0.0001 Watt (100 ¬ĶW) of power consumption during standby.The efficiency of Qi is at the base 70% when compared to the wires, and that % also increases if the manufacture uses quality components.

The basic principle of an inductively coupled power transfer system is that, It consists of a transmitter coil L1 and a receiver coil L2. Both coils form a system of magnetically coupled inductors. An alternating current in the transmitter coil generates a magnetic field which induces a voltage in the receiver coil. This voltage can be used to power a mobile device or charge a battery.

The efficiency of the power transfer depends on the coupling (k) between the inductors and their quality (Q). The coupling is determined by the distance between the inductors (z) and the ratio of D2 /D. The coupling is further determined by the shape of the coils and the angle between them.

More details can be found here at the Wireless Power Consotorium site.

Coming to the actual Nokia products, DT-900 by Nokia is around $50 but we got it for around $32/‚ā¨24, this was a great deal!¬†And just the Wireless Charging Case for the Nokia Lumia 720 cost around $32/‚ā¨23 which is stupidity ūüôĀ If Qi or any format of wireless charging to come to the mainstream, the pricing has to be low. Off course we are early adopters, we spend money for the latest & greatest in tech. But not everyone does that!

The life with wireless charging is something not yet conveyed, or understood. And dare i say, it can’t be. Unless you use it for yourself, you’ll just think what i have to spend so many $ just to charge it wirelessly when i can do it for free with the wired option i am already having for ages. Once you use it, when you see a friend of your’s use a wired charger, you’ll be like OMG dude, what are you in stone age? You simply can’t go back period. Its difficult to put that feeling in words, but trust us. Wireless charging is a breath of fresh air.

The DT-900 is super lite weight, super efficient low power wireless transmitter. Its very easy to use, just put it somewhere and let it stay there for eternity. Its that simple. Just place the phone on the pad and take it away when you want, its done. DT-900 is available in various colors, and given that it can power any qi compatible device, its not a product you have to consider about buying, its a product you have to invest in. Its almost equal to the wired charging when it comes to charging time. Wired usually gives me around 37% per hour, and DT-900 gives around 32%. That 5% is a well worth sacrifice for the convenience it brings along. In practical timings, it takes about 5-10 minutes extra when compared to the wired counterpart. 4% – 100% of a 2000mah battery undergone around 200 charge cycles charged via DT-900 well within 2 hours flat, which is the same time it takes with a copper wire.

The only catch is do not buy the Nokia Wireless Charging Cover CC-3064 in white, its a dirt magnet. You can’t go wrong with other colors. Its fit & finish is as you can expect from a manufacture & maker like Nokia, its epic. The best fit ever, even better than the hard cases from Rock which is only next to the CC-3064.

Take a look at the videos & photos for unboxing and first thoughts. Go Wireless if possible, you won’t regret it even for a second.

Rat's Snap624

DT-900 in yummy yellow and CC-3064 from N70-1.


Team Yellow!


The box itself accompanied by DT-900.


A not needed, yet provided huge paper work.


Under flash.


It almost looks like a yellow phone.


Even wires from Nokia looks stunning.


One happy family.


Look who is taking a peak.


The CC-3064 to the left and our old Rock case to the right.

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