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4th and mayor for Windows Phone – Foursquare client review

3 Oct , 2012  

Foursquare is a service that I started using recently and I have no experience with it whatsoever. This is the best case of user friendliness testing that money can buy: first look. I first took a look at the official Foursquare application and to be honest I wasn’t able to check in anywhere because I simply had no check in button. After digging around the app i finally found the way to check in, but it’s not as straightforward as i would have liked it to be. So I searched for a third party Foursquare client. That is how I found 4th and mayor.

And the first thing I noticed about it was the check in button, right there in front of me, where it was supposed to be. 4th and mayor basically offers the same info as the official Foursquare app laid out in a more user friendly way, a way that got through to me from the first look I gave this app.

The first screen you are greeted with is the Friends view. Here you can see what your friends have been up to, the places they last checked into.
Second is the explore view. Here’s where you can search for specific places like trending, shops, food or even do custom term searches. This view is your gateway to surroundings. If you’re in a foreign city, this view can help you find a little bit of fun around you.
Third view is lists. You can create your own lists or check out other lists made public by other people. Again, if you’re in a foreign city it will be useful to see a list of the coolest places around or must see places.
4th and mayor has good integration with Bing maps and shows you your own location, or the location of any of the places you want to check out. These locations you can open in the Maps app and directions to that place are immediately at your disposal.

The live tiles are also a strong point. You can pin locations, a time to get all your notifications or a check on now tile that’s gonna show you all the locations nearby and allow you to quickly check in to any of them.

4th and mayor is not only an app that helps you check in on Foursquare, but helps you discover new places. It’s more like a travel guide, and can be used as such when you find yourself in a city you’re not familiar with. The application features go deeper than what I’ve wrote about, so you should watch the video at the bottom of the post for a video tour of the app.

Blending Foursquare services with an intuitive user interface and a great maps integration is in my opinion what makes 4th and mayor the best Foursquare application for Windows Phone. The app is free and ad-free.


[Review] Dalton The Awesome Reloaded

5 Jul , 2012  

I had a lot of fun playing Dalton The Awesome on Nokia N9, spends lots of hours playing it. So stumbling on Dalton The Awesome Realoaded and buying it at the moment on my Nokia N8 was obvious. I bought it right away. But how was the experience? Let’s find out.


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Tweetian for Symbian Review

29 Jun , 2012  

Twitter just got a new client on Belle. After the classic Gravity the shaky TwimGo and the AMOLED killer Tweeties, it’s time for Qt to deliver it’s best Twitter client yet. Don’t get me wrong, it can’t hold a candle to Gravity, but it’s biggest advantage? It’s free. If Tweeties was meant to help you migrate to a new OS, Tweetian is here to make you stay.

Tweetian is very easy to navigate and use. It has three homescreens for your Timeline, Mentions and Messages. Swipe to the left to reveal each of them. I would have liked Tweetian to include loop scrolling here so I could reach the first screen from the last easier.

Tweetian offers pull-down to refresh, cached images and tweets which is good to have in order to keep your Twitter API rate up. The user interface is as quick as it gets with Qt apps but I have to say that the author used a paining system similar to Gravity’s, meaning that while you scroll trough your tweets, the images are no loading. When you take you finger off the screen they start loading. That means no more chunky scrolling. It’s actually a very impressive app.

You can add photos and location to your tweets easily and the tweet editor integrates well with both the default Belle keyboard and Swype. Retweeting, replying and adding a tweet to your favorites is a breeze and can be done from the bottom toolbar.

In the user profile panel you can see practically everything about that user, the Bio, the tweets, the followers, the following, the lists, the favorites by swiping trough them.

The settings are comprise of three tabs. In the General tab you can switch the theme, enable the option to include hashtags in replies and a sign out button in case you want to switch the account. It is good to know that unlike Gravity, Tweetian does not offer support for multiple Twitter accounts, so enterprise users need to look elsewhere. The second tab is called Refresh and there you can set the automatic refresh timings for various items. By default auto refresh is off. The third tab called API Limit does exactly what it tells. It shows you your Twitter API limits. It’s just a status panel that you can check after using Tweetian heavily.

That being said I can honestly tell you that this app is going places. It can easily replace your Nokia Social client when it comes to Twitter. The app is very fast and I like it. Usually with Qt apps the scrolling and loading of panels is chunky and slow but somehow Tweetian works around those issues making it very fast and clean.

Download:Tweetian at Nokia Store


Six months with the Nokia N8

26 Jun , 2012  

Six months have passed since the Nokia N8 has been my main phone and now it’s time to take a look back and see how it has serverd me these past months. This post is not only about the N8, it’s also about the evolution of Nokia Store during that period and about what will be coming to the N8 in the near future.

The beginnings

When I got the N8 back in December 2011 it was equiped with Symbian Anna. The phone was fast and reliable with Anna, but I was eagerly waiting for the announced Belle update that eventually came in February. The Nokia Store app repository was growing at the time and more and more Qt apps, some of great quality and others of questionable one were emerging in the Store. Some apps were just released and later evolved into mature apps, reliable apps.



SymNote for Nokia Belle review

24 Jun , 2012  

SymNote is an application that was and still is very popular among Symbian users that need to take notes wherever they are. It’s a Simplenote client that can also work offline. But what is Simplenote I hear you ask? Simplenote is an online service for saving and accessing simple text notes. It’s free, it has a web interface and client applications for just about every platform you can think of. So basically Simplenote is your across all devices notes taking utility.

SymNote is the only Symbian client for Simplenote, written in Qt and a quality one for that matter. The user interface is simple and effective. Without any bling the interface provides the user with all Simplenote functions and more.

The main scren has a search field so you can search trough your notes or you can filter them using tags.
You can create either simple text notes or checklists. The Simplenote service does not support checklists natively, but the author of the app, Talv Bansal has gone the extra mile to bring this functionality to the app. So not only does the app provide notes support but it can help you do your shopping too. I for one share the same Simplenote account with my wife and if there is ever anything she needs me to buy, she just creates a checklist on her phone and I can see it on mine in a matter of seconds.

The notes editor is basic as it should be (what can you edit in text notes?). SymNote also supports tagging the notes and pinning them. Pinning a note means actually marking it as a favorite so it’ll always show up at the top of your notes list. You can also search the edited note, delete it or re-fetch it, which actually re-syncs the note with the Simplenote service in case there were some incoming changes.

SymNote has two color themes, a dark one friendly with the AMOLED displays such as the Nokia N8’s and a white theme which can be chosed if you phone has an IPS LCD display such as the C7’s. You can also switch the font size, the app using by default the medium font. If you’re rocking an E7, X7 or 808 with a bigger 4 inch screen, a small font would allow you to see a bigger part of the note taging advantage of your big screen.

There’s not much else that can be said about SymNote. The app just works and it’s my main workhorse. I wrote this entire review using SymNote and the Nokia Betalabs Swype keyboard. SymNote has only a paid version that you can download from here but it’s worth every penny.


Blob for Nokia Belle review

23 Jun , 2012  

Any Symbian user knows that Nokia Store has a lot of holes in it when it comes to apps. Android, iOS and even Windows Marketplace, they all have more apps than Nokia store. However, lately there’s been an infusion of good quality apps for the platform and one of them I’m gonna review today.

WordPress had an app available for Symbian for quite a while now, but the Blogger crowd was left in the dust. Until Blob happened.

Blob is an almost full featured Blogger(Blogspot) client. It supports rich HTML5 editing and viewing.

It only lacks one feature, but I miss exactly that one a lot, uploading pictures.

Blob has the ability to work both online and offline providing offline drafts(only pro version), and then synchronizing them whenever an internet connection is made available. You can also choose to completely disconnect and work only offline. You can always set the work mode to online later and all post will sync with the Blogger server.

The paid pro version offers a great clipboard for advanced users along with a rich text editor suitable for your blogging needs. You can add labels and even schedule an article publication, just like you do on the Blogger website.

At price of under 1 Euro this is a MUST buy for all Blogspot bloggers.

The main view is the first view you’re gonna see after you login and it shows you a list with your blogs.

Tapping one of your blogs will take you to a list of your latest posts from that blog. Each post is marked with a colored bullet, dark orange for published post and blue for unpublished posts.

Tapping a post will take you to the post viewer panel where you can see the post exactly as it is, in a HTML5 enabled browser. From here you can choose to edit that post by pressing the edit button located in left-middle. Pressing the comments button in(right middle) will take you to the comments list of that particular post. There you can also choose to add a comment to that post.

Besides the photo upload feature missing, this client is a full featured Blogger client. Even the photo issue can be worked around by enabling the Mail to Blogger feature on you blog.

The user interface is fast and I was convinced and bought the app in 10 minutes.

There is also a free version of the app but it does not offer offline drafts nor the exquisite clipboard.

You can download Blob from here:

Blob Pro Version – paid (Nokia Store)

Blob Free Version (Nokia Store)