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Getting Cortana in India

12 Apr , 2014  


So all around the Internet (or at least in the Windows Phone world) people are saying,

If you want Cortana outside of US, change your region to US.

This video suggest the same, and it also has a background audio which was used in the commercials for the Apple iPhone, how ironic.

We had other ideas, we thought of something else that works for now. I had an idea that Cortana might work if you keep your region  unchanged as India and you just change all the language settings into US, at least the Bing services works that way now.

But nope, you have to set everything to US to use Cortana. No other way, no other workaround. But we din’t stop there, we tested what we endorse as an alternative idea, but found that it didn’t work that way. They are right, you only can get Cortana if you fully choose US in everything. No playing cheaters with Microsoft 🙁

Sorry if that video kind of turned out to be bad, filmed  with a phone while i was trying out things, no script.

And here is a list of things that are coming with the Windows Phone 8.1, for you. You may or may not have seen this already, if you have seen some points already, fine. If something is new to you, viola! A new leak 🙂

  • Show your caller id to all/no one/contacts
  • You can use apps for video calling (sadly no operator video calls via front cam)
  • Speed Dial (swipe left when in the call history)
  •  The frequently used emoji’s is now represented with a heart symbol
  • Data Sense savings in IE – Off/Standard/High/Automatic
  • Reading View (with custom font sizes and background colors)
  • Ability to ask or even automatically remember passwords
  • Session from PC IE comes under the other pane, when you press tabs in WP IE
  • iCloud support, rejoice Apple users
  • You can view your download history now right from the phone without having to go into the windowsphone.ccom’s purchase history
  • App updates can be done automatically, with an option to only use WiFi for the task
  • Manually check for app updates within the Store app
  • Music app has a new headset flash screen
  • Features music, just like featured apps
  • New calender views, with the ability to show weather based on location
  • Battery saver, Music, Videos, storage Sense and FM Radio now shows up in the app list, but cannot be uninstalled
  • New Camera UI/View Finder
  • Select upto 5 shortcuts to see in the viewfinder
  • Delete burst mode captures after specified periods of time
  • You can turn on or off, tap to capture a photo
  • Podcasts app, again you cannot uninstall it
  • App Deals can be presented via toasts by the Wallet app
  • Batch uninstall apps / batch move them to SD
  • Show More titles in the start screen, background image for the start screen tiles
  • Action Center, with custom notifications, even if the phone is locked
  • Auto reconnect WiFi along with WiFi sense
  • Under SIM settings, you can select from Global/LTE/GSM/UMTS/CDMA depending upon your hardware and carrier
  • VPN
  • Workplace accounts to use your personal phone as your BYOD work phone
  • Battery Saver shows the battery usage statics on per app basis
  • Connect to a projector via USB
  • Quite Hours, which only works if you have Cortana enabled
  • Advertising ID for Microsoft Targeted advertising
  • You can now hide the location indicator icon
  • GeoFence Monitor
  • USB data connection, and the ability to notify if your charger/charging source sucks
  • Swipe keyboard, auto emotion suggestion with  options to disable them
  • Narrator mode to read aloud, with an option to quickly toggle it on/off via “Vol Up + Start”
  • Zoom on web contents, even if the web page doesn’t want you doing so
  • Custom fonts & colors in the browser (Style, Effects, Color, Transparency –  in Background/Window/Font)
  • Navigation bar color customization if your hardware doesn’t have a physical capacitative front keys
  • And Off Course, Cortana
  • Improved Maps integration in the OS level
  • You can choose from which time frame you can retrieve messages, previously all of your messaging history will be restored flooding your phone, unless you have deleted them via Outlook in web
  • You can now hide the porn images you have saved in your phone from appearing in your start screen, can shuffle images or can make the OS display images in the start screen tile in a row
  • Camera inbuilt is renamed into Microsoft Camera
  • Revamped Store.


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How to authorize Gravity to upload pic to your Filckr?

8 Dec , 2012  

No doubt, Gravity is one of the best Twitter clients out, it also features client for various other social service. Few may also be  unaware that they can use Gravity to upload images directly to their Flickr account.

Image upload feature supports several services  including Flickr but if you want to upload to your Flickr account you need to authorize your Flickr account with Gravity. So how to do it? If you go into Image Section > Settings, you will get a screen like below:

All you need to make gravity upload images to your flickr account is Flickr code.

How to get Flickr Code?

To get the Flickr Code, visit and you will be redirected to Flickr Authorization page.

Click on OK, I’LL AUTHORIZE IT.  You will be provided a code, put it inside Gravity’s Setting> Flickr Code. Gravity will show you a message, authorized, once code is verified online.

Okay, you’re done setting it up. Now keep uploading and flood your Flickr. 😉

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How to Escape Forced Nokia Suite Updates?

14 May , 2012  


Nokia Suite frequently updates and mostly we have ‘important’ update. We are forced to update Nokia Suite if we want to use Nokia Suite. This is frustrating. Well, of course, important updates should be propagated as soon as possible to fix the major bugs and security issues.

But in some case, it is frustrating. For example, when I am at hostel or out of home, I am on slow (EDGE) connection. Nokia Suite updates are 68 MB normally. A connection giving fluctuating 12 kBps speed, would take more than 1.6 hours to update this. It’s not affordable always. Another case (of course my case too),  I use Nokia Suite to connect to internet using dial-up modem. How am I suppose to connect if I couldn’t open Nokia Suite too? Well, I know we can but I am considering naive users. So let me share a simple method, I use to escape this forced update.

For this, you will need a Software Installation Script for Symbian ( *.sis / *.sisx file). Now connect your Nokia phone to your pc. Nokia Suite won’t open up. So locate that Symbian Installer File and open it ( it should open with Nokia Suite). Nokia Suite will open with asking to update it. It will start searching device and ask if you really want to install, simply Cancel it. Now use Nokia Suite without worrying about updating. 😉 However, if you close Nokia Suite, you have to repeat this steps.

Happy Escaping. 😉

Don’t forget to comment your tricks. 😉

This tutorial is for escaping updates only when not feasible. We strongly recommend updating to latest updates.


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How to extend your battery life on you Nokia N8

9 Apr , 2012  

Nowadays smartphones have a really big issue. In the 90’s and early 2000’s manufacturers tried their best to squeeze as much battery life as possible from phones. Back then if your phone got through a week of usage it wasn’t a big deal. Today, we’re lucky in our smartphones get us through the day. The Nokia N8 fortunately is a champion at battery life, being able to carry on for two full days, if used properly. So here is what you need to do to get longer battery life out of your Nokia N8.

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How to take the best photos with your Nokia N8

2 Apr , 2012  

Taking photos is not always a matter a point and snap, on cameras such as the 12MP snapper on the Nokia N8, it’s about a lot more. So, here are my findings after using a Nokia N8 for 4 months. I have to say that I snapped a pretty considerable amount of pictures because I have a 2 year old kid at home that gives me lots of reasons to snap photos every day. Plus, I’m a huge fan of landscapes and I try to snap them whenever I can.


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How to speed up your Nokia N8 in a few simple steps

29 Mar , 2012  

The biggest problems with first generation Symbian^3 phones is the not the CPU, it’s the RAM. Belle is much faster than Anna when you use apps, but when it comes to loading them, it’s a little slower than Anna used to be. So how do you fix that? How do you keep your RAM under control? Well, there are a few tricks you could do to get your precious RAM back.