Bing and Cortana Connected – Always Listening – Windows Phone 8.1 Leak

16 Feb , 2014  


We just got the information that Bing and Cortana are connected.

They will always be in listening mode but it is being hinted that it may depend on the hardware. It is going to be more like tell me bing….

Cortana can be activated by clicking Search button.

Thanks for the tip,  secret guy.  🙂 

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Nokia 106 Now available in India for Rs 1399

1 Jan , 2014  

Nokia 106

Nokia 106

The Nokia 106 which is announced at August 2013 is now available to buy in india for Rs 1399 .

The Nokia 106 has a 1.8-inch (160 x 128 pixels) TFT display,  a dust and splash-proof keypad,  800 mAh Nokia BL-5CB Battery , 4-way Navigation Key , FM Radio support  and standby time of up to 35 days.


  • Display: 1.8-inch QQVGA (160 x 128 pixels )
  • Dual band, EGSM 900/1800
  • Series 30 OS
  • FM Radio
  • Speaking clock and flashlight
  • Connectivity: 2.0 mm Charger Connector, 3.5 mm AV Connector
  • 800 mAh battery with up to 35 days standby

Its available online at Saholic for Rs 1399 .

Source: Nokia 

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Unfollow Spy – Track your followers with your Lumia

9 Dec , 2013  

We all have Twitter and we know it hurts when someone unfollows us. There are so many apps out there to manage it, but nothing comes even close to the sleekness of Unfollow Spy for Windows Phone. It shows inactive users you follow, unfollowers and new followers and let you follow/unfollow them with just a single tap!

It comes with Multiple account support in a very sleek UI and its so swift to get you the unique UX one can only find in Windows Phone. Just try for yourself if you have a twitter handle.

Unfollow Spy by – @elliottvforde


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Nokia Lumia 820/920 available for purchase in India

10 Jan , 2013  

920-spec-front-pngMany online stores have got Lumia 920 with coming soon tag. I just received an email from http://www.saholic.com informing that Lumia 920 is available for purchase.

This online store has got the Lumia 920 in stock and selling at Rs. 36499, promising delivery in 3-5 business day. While they have Lumia 820 at Rs. 26499 . I have personally never used this online store before. Price, however, looks good compared to what other online stores have got with their coming soon tags.

If you want to order one, head to http://www.saholic.com

What do you think about the price? IMO, it bit overpriced. Should have near 33k.


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Mid-range war

24 Dec , 2012  

Hey Guys ,been a long time since I wrote  a post, partially due to no wi-fi in my college for fresher’s and mostly because of  lack of Nokia enthusiasm. Needless to say I was sad and gloomy about the business strategies pursued by nokia.


Well back to the point, recently I somehow managed to screw the IC’s of my Nokia C5-00 and my micromax tablet flushes every time when I run internet on it. With no smart devices around me I felt lonely, So I decided to buy a new Cell phone or tablet(cell phone most probably). Being an Indian middle class person from a small town Ranchi my budget was from 15k to 20 k.(273$-363 $)approx.. i somehow convinced my little heart to go for Android or windows phone instead of symbian.


But to my Bitter surprise I was unable to find a single perfect mid range device which could satisfy the hunger of my Smartphone needs. Not just only nokia but also Samsung,LG,Sony.


Here’s the list of devices I cropped for my self:- lumia 800,Nokia 603,Lg l9,L7,galaxy Duos, galaxy tab 2.0,Xperia U,Miro,Sola,P. and sorry I don’t have faith in micromax phones.

All the devices are in mid range 15k-20k.I couldn’t choose a single one of them all.Why??????

Here are the reasons:-


1.Lumia 800– Great Looks ,Design ,hardware but No FFC,Poor battery,no WP8 upgrade and its at the end of high time.God only knows when WP7.8 will come for it. Discarded.


2.Xperia U– Good Looking, dual core, nice build, but only 4 gb user accessible memory and a poor screen & camera  to cope up with.


3.Xperia Miro & SOLA– Single core, no ffc and a poor  camera. and the low res screen.


4.Nokia 603– Its symbian hence it is flawed. Otherwise a top notch hardware wise.


5.Lg  L9 & L7– These two were the most fav to me. Specially L9. got 4.65 inch screen dual core TI omap 4430 and a gpu,ICS really got me going but the hardware design was far from good. And the camera 5mp only was a big joke though capable of 1080p HD.

But the thing is if I don’t want to spend 19k for a  5mp camera which is poor. Also LG is not  good with its battery and future promising updates.


6.Samsung galaxy tab 2- This one came under consideration but the screen and slow processors didn’t make me go for it. I have heard some horrible stories of its battery life. period.


7.Samsung Duos– I saw this phone and it hangs frequently, low ram, even the system apps takes forever to load, and the boot time made me go to sleep.


8.SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS– yes it’s a bit pricey at 21k and I thought to go for its beautiful HD screen and fast updates then really struck me. But its 5mp camera broke mah heart. I won’t be getting a manufacturer warranty (Deal barker).There are a thousand broke cases of Seller warranty. Hence Nexus was denied.


Its not that Cell phone companies can’t build a perfect Smartphone. also there’s a case that some compromises had to be made to make it a mid-range device. But hey few years ago we had those perfect devices available at 18k.remember N82 was priced at 18k for two years and still sold.  Or Nokia could have joined android and Lumia 800 running it should have been perfect.perhaps biggest flaw is in windows phone ecosystem where you can’t do as we used to do in symbian.neither iphone is getting any cheaper .I phone 4 8gb now costs 26k.


Hope companies do not forget that while making their flagships all 40k+ they need to be affordable too in order to succeed.




Amna By Mandeep Themes- Another Beautiful Theme

28 Sep , 2012  



Another Beautifully designed Theme By @Mandeep_Themes for your Symbian Belle phones, Theme supports all versions of Symbian Belle(Belle refresh,FP1&FP2), its really nice to see design like this its really good creative work done by Mandeep. i really put my hands together for creative work like this.


This Clean,minimal,dark style Theme has really good graphics when i saw the graphics of the theme i can’t stop my self to say ‘WOW’ the Elegant Look of the theme is just awesome.Theme has 250+third party icons which makes this theme more cool.


The Unique Progress Bar and Belle Notification Dropdown Switches of the theme is looking really cool which i like the most


Let’s Checkout Some Screen Shot’s of the Theme which Defines the beauty of the Theme:


Ss000172   Ss000173

The Icons of the Main Menu Screen which is beautifully skinned by Mandeep  



The Beautifully designed wallpaper  of the Theme is sweet like Words Written on it “be a Flower always spread Happiness”



The Task Manager Screen Of the Theme 


The simple Keypad looking good with  theme 



The Minimally Designed Keyboard

Ss000182   Ss000183

The Setting screen of the theme makes theme more beautiful 



The Unique Progress Bar is just awesome creation


The calculator


The Messages Folder’s icons


Really Beautifully Designed Music Player is looking Just awesome with the theme


Its a Premium Theme But on 50% discount at Rs.5/- (INR) The Theme is already available on Nokia Store. I would suggest you to Go and Grab your copy by Today only. Theme is just simply awesome. visit nokia Store or click here to get your copy. Don’t forget to Rate the theme.