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Lumia WP8 Indian launch: 820/920 this week, 620 on 4th week of Jan

5 Jan , 2013  

920-spec-front-pngAfter seeing many Nokia Priority Dealers and well known mobile shops taking advance booking for the phone, they said it will be available in a week. I just had a chat with Online Nokia Care Chat.

Regarding the date of launch, they the guy said, Lumia 820 and 920 will be launched on 1st week of the January and lowend Lumia 620 will be launched on the 4th week of the Jan. They have no details of the expected price but local stores of Pune are expecting it to be priced between Rs. 30k to Rs35k. It will be a great hit if they can price it near Rs. 30k.

As we already know that Lumia 920 does not support the TD-LTE band, which is being used in India, I asked him if 4G wont be available in India. He said, Indian launch will also ne followed by a software update which will enable the TD-LTE band. According to him, update will be rolled out as soon as the launch happens.

So are you getting one? Which one?  🙂


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News,Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 920 to get LTE support via OTA update?

1 Jan , 2013  


People were really disappointed when they came to know about the fact that 4G provider Airtel uses TD-LTE 2300 MHz band which is not supported by the Nokia Lumia 920. So despite of having an LTE provider and Lumia 920 being an LTE device, they won’t be able to enjoy the LTE service.

However, while chatting with Nokia Care person, he revealed that Nokia will release a OTA update soon for Lumia 920 which will unlock the TD-LTE band in Lumia 920. We may not consider it as an official statement. I have real bad experience with Nokia priority dealer and their noobish talk. But still we can hope this to be true.

India has LTE connectivity in three cities, Banglore, Pune & Kolkata provided by AirTel. There are probably no mobile phones that supports TD-LTE. TD-LTE is very least used standard, mainly adopted in China. It requires buying an expensive USB device to use them currently. Support for TD-LTE from Lumia 920 will surely bring a boost in LTE users in India.



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