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Flipboard arrives to Windows Phone as a Beta app – Updated

19 Apr , 2014  

Its here after a while, Flipboard comes to Windows Phone. Personally, i stick with my NextGen Reader in phone and feedly cloud in desktop. But for the ones who wish to get the latest and greatest via Flipboard, you can do that now 🙂


FlipBoard Beta


As i said, i’m not a fan of Flipboard, and hence didn’t install the app myself. Just went through the app reviews and seems like its a fake app published under Flipboard for Windows Phone Publisher name. Still not sure what is going on 🙁 Let me update you once things are sorted out.


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Casts – a beautiful beta app in the podcast segment

7 Apr , 2014  

Casts – a beautiful beta app in the podcast segment

There is a new podcast app coming in the Windows Phone 8.1, but that is still a month away. We are super fans of Podcast Lounge for its features and usability. And there is another player here, Casts. Casts is a podcast app and its currently free and its a beta.

So if you’re ready to test it, go grab it. After all its free, there is nothing stopping you from giving it a try. And remember its in beta still, so go easy if you find any bugs. And do report it to the dev 🙂








or scan the QR Code..


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1Shot Beta

8 Nov , 2013  

There are already a hell lot of Camera apps for Windows Phone, which is for us, a good thing! So, what makes 1Shot a worthy contender in the crowded place? Lets see..

 The inbuilt camera app of Windows Phone is quite minimal but it gets the work done like a champ for many. But hey, Nokia is reowned for its camera powress and we need to make the most of its  hardware power.  This is where 1Shot Excels its hyper  simple, yet has some pro level features not found in the default camera app which you can find in the Nokia Pro cam. Remember Pro cam is not for all Lumia devices! While 1Shot is mainly aimed at providing something which i’ll talk about soon, it can be used any Lumia’s or Windows Phone for that matter, even on 512MB RAM devices. It so lite on resources, with easy tap to shoot like the default app and also at the same time packed with way more features, its a win-win for all.

  • Features:
  1. Flash – Auto, On, Off.
  2. Timer – Off, 2 seconds, 10 seconds.
  3. Shooting Modes – Single shot, multiple, bracketing.
  4. Scenes – Auto, Macro, Sport, Night, landscape, Night Portrait, Backlit.
  5. Zoom – Slide to zoom.
  6. Focus – Auto, Manual with focus assist light.
  7. Nokia Imaging SDK filters

We had the privilege to use the app the very first, and since then to the latest version, the app has evolved a lot. It was first named as EasyShot, but its now 1Shot. Not sure why the developer changed it, guess that will make his app to appear on top of the app list in your phones. And another fact is that it had an option to change from pinch to zoom or swipe to zoom under the settings earlier. Which is now just swipe to zoom, given that even Nokia Pro Cam is a swipe to zoom, swiping seems more natural to a Lumia user.

If you think that is all, you are dead wrong. We have not even into the app at all, the USP of the app is something many will love, where many means owners of 1020 & 1520.
  • Full Resolution capture & syncing to SkyDrive

Yup, full resolution capture and syncing it back to SkyDrive onto your PC or whatever large screen device of your’s running Windows. Till now you have to physically connect the 1020 to the PC to make use the full resolution shot. That scenario is no more, this app allows you to get rid of that problem all together. It syncs the full resolution images to the SkyDrive which allows you to directly share or use the high quality awesomeness from 1020’s camera to the world. With this unique feature which no other app offers right now, along with feature packed offering in a lite package makes 1Shot a no brainer. Lumia owners other than 1020 give this a shot and the lucky ones sporting a 1020, what the hell are you doing still? Go grab it now! And given that its still in beta, spare some time to report your feedback to the developer via the options within the app.

Publisher: Invoke IT Ltd
Developer: Hermit
Screenshots of the app:
wp_ss_20131108_0003 wp_ss_20131108_0004 wp_ss_20131108_0002 wp_ss_20131108_0001



Swype for Symbian Updated – Finally!

12 Jan , 2013  


As we reported at No More Swype For Symbian Now? , Swype stopped working on Symbian almost one and a half month back. However, as said at Fix For Swype For Symbian Is Available , we got a fix for it but it required hacking.

Guys at Swype did promise about a new update extending the beta trial.  Finally, we have received a new beta build which is working, again.

Hey there Symbian users. We’ve made a small patch for those of you who’ve experienced the timeout on S^3 and S60. Click that download link over there to find the update. We’ll be watching the forums so reach out if you experience any problems.  Thanks Symbian Swypers for all of your dedication, and I hope your Swyping finger isn’t too lazy from the holiday feasting.

In the spirit of Symbian and 2013, we’re giving away some Swype gear at Head on over and try your luck 🙂

More to come!

Peter @ Swype

Head to Betalabs to download the new built.

I was one of those who was lazy to hack and use a fix. Finally after 40 days, it feels great to be back on swype, what about you?

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Fix for Swype for Symbian is available

26 Nov , 2012  

Yesterday, Swype for Symbian’s beta expired and stopped working as we reported. Update was unlikely from the developer, but great community has finally managed to find a fix for it.

varfolomey on Daily Mobile Forum has patched the dlls to update the expiration date for the beta build and as he stated, he updated year to 2099!

Quoting him:

Swype was programmed to work until today, now it is useless and hangs whole the system
Since no update is coming we need to try to patch some dlls ourselves.

Only unpacked PenInputLayoutPluginSwype.dll contains a date – oct 19 2011 (screen)
This is a date when package was build (screen2)
I tried to put 2012 instead of 2011, but that didn`t help
Any suggestions?  Smiley

So I managed to fix Swype at last. I was correct about 2011 in a first place. My mistake was that I packed modded Dll and Swype didn`t start. Just now I decided not to pack it and it worked. I changed date to 2099.

put file into c/sys/bin folder and restart

if you have swype installed on E drive, you should put file into e/sys/bin and hash file into c/sys/hash

 S^3 hash
 S60v5 hash

Big thanks to him for a quick fix. This is just an another example of how great community never lets Symbian or MeeGo die (completely).

Thanks @vin2ktalks for taking it to our notice. 🙂

Source: Daily Mobile Forum

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No more Swype for Symbian now?

25 Nov , 2012  

Not a totally true title though, but considering various points, it’s all same. The first release of Swype appeared in store long back when there was no split screen support in Symbian. Even the swype didn’t have it. The second version of Swype came into the Nokia Betalabs with split screen support and few improvements and finally it was the version which was usable. I believe all swype users on symbian relies on this beta version.

After the Nokia’s transition from Symbian to WP, support for most beta products in Betalabs for Symbian  was removed. Latest beta release of Swype mentioned that it was the last beta release for Swype and next release will be made into store and this release was back in 2011! This second version never came to store, neither a new beta release was made. Well, it didn’t matter to most because all had access to this beta release.

But today morning, Swype started reporting “A new version is available. Please update to continue using it”! Though you can type using the keyboard, but you cannot swype. Update available? No update in store, neither in betalabs. Apparently, beta version expired today. So you are now forced to use swype from store which is without split screen support (doesn’t make any sense in this world!). Looking at the Betalabs’  approach towards Symbian, it’s hard to say if a new version for Symbian will be released. We are left with two choice, either just use swype keyboard without swype support or get a old swype from Store. Third option maybe to get back to Symbian’s default keyboard.

Personally, I never liked the Symbian’s default qwerty keyboard. Keys are not properly aligned to make it feel natural. However, Nokia Belle FP2 keyboard is somewhat usable, but hey I am on Belle Refresh. I am really hoping either we get a new beta or the existing beta is graduated and released to store.

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