Symbian Carla tested on Nokia N8

14 Feb , 2012  

Sources inside Nokia Brasil have confirmed that test builds of the next Symbian iteration, namely Carla, are running on QA Nokia N8’s. It is yet unknown if the final Carla build will be released or not for the Nokia N8 and it’s likes.

The final build is not yet complete, so the final system requirements are still not very clear. It is possible that Carla will be made available for the 680MHz Symbian phones, but with a smaller feature set, since the current feature set seems to be running on the N8. It is my opinion that Carla will be for Belle as Anna was for S^3, so the impact on performance should be minimal. Donna, however would be a completely different story(if it ever launches).

On a second note, the same source said it is possible that Carla builds will be released to application developers pretty soon, to ensure application compatibility. This can only mean that the Nokia N8 successor that will be launched this month at MWC may come with the new Carla on board. Why else would Nokia release developer builds right? On the same note, it is possible that Carla will add support for 1080p video recording, since it seems that the N8 successor will be able to handle that resolution.


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RUMOUR: Symbian^3 devices may never see Carla/Donna update, to work on 1GHz processor only

13 Feb , 2012  

So MyNokiaBlog is reporting that a substantial rumour is doing the round that Nokia’s next expected update, the Nokia (Symbian) Carla and Donna update never arrive for the current set of Symbian^3 or Anna device which received Belle update which include Nokia N8, C6-01, E7, C7, X7 and E6 due to hardware limitations.

It is being said that Carla and Donna will run only on 1GHz processor or more.

So the current range of devices which have only a 680 MHz processor will never see Carla and Donna and Belle update that they recently received would eventually be the last thing that users of the above mentioned devices ever see. This rumour comes to light after dsmobile who is a known insider related to Nokia/Symbian posted it over in the comments related to a query of Belle bugs reporting. So this is indeed heart breaking to know, even if it’s just a rumour.
But the current Symbian Belle devices which launched with a 1GHz processor will indeed be able to hold the Carla and Donna onboard them. So if you own a Nokia 700,701 or 603 then you are indeed the lucky ones out there.

Dsmobile also went on to throw a little light over the N8 successor that we have been hearing a lately and said that it will have the same 3.9 inch screen as that of the N9 and it’ll be curved at the sides. Only disappoint in this is that the screen resolution will remain same as that of the current Symbian devices.

Source: Mobigyaan

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Symbian Carla – Is it for you? Check this out.

1 Feb , 2012  

There has been so much “hype” all over the Internet concerning Nokia’s updates on the “presumed dead” OS – Symbian. As of now, people currently have their fingers crossed, body itching and currently anxious as to when the Nokia Belle will arrive!

Well, this post looks deep into another major update coming on the Nokia platform called the Symbian Carla! (Did you notice the sequence? A = Anna, B = Belle, C = Carla, D = Donna 🙂 )

What you should Know about Symbian Carla!

After the release of Symbian Anna and Nokia Belle on the Nokia (Symbian) OS, there has been a lot of efforts by Nokia to keep improving the OS to make it the people’s choice. Symbian Carla is said to be another major update coming on Nokia devices very soon. Apparently, Symbian Carla is presumed to bring support for Dolby surround sound, along with a new widget and better NFC connectivity. The new OS upgrade will also come with other enhancements, but specific info on other improvements that it might include have not emerged so far.

What Devices will actually have Carla?

There has been a lot of rumor that the Symbian Carla will not be supported by the 1st Generation Symbian^3 phones. We do NOT have complete details of the devices that would be enjoying the Carla update but a little research we made shows that it MAY be available for the FORE-runners of the Symbian^3 platform (N8, E7, C7, X7, C6-01, and the E6). Here happens to be images (of an error log report) by the Nokia engineers displaying test results of the Symbian Carla tested on two devices (the Nokia E7 and the Nokia E6).

Please click on the Images to make it bigger

Also, here’s an Image by the SymbianLatino guys at a presentation displaying a set of phones which are proposed to be in the Symbian Carla family. Though it’s too blurry, but I think I saw a C7 right there? 🙂

Now the BIG question I guess is … When? Count on us to keep you updated.

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Huge thanks to the guys at SymbianLatino for some of the resources in this post!

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