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Facebook Messenger is here for Windows Phone

5 Mar , 2014  

After neglecting Windows Phone for a while, Facebook has finally changed its mind. Facebook Messenger for Window Phone is here and its on par with other ecosystems. Now we wish they follow up with a proper Facebook app. Microsoft’s Facebook app is ‘okay’, its not even good.



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It also have a Sticker Store so that you can download stickers and use them.

Facebook Messenger

Also Facebook Beta app also has been updated and you can update it from here.



26th Feb 2014 – NTD

26 Feb , 2014  

Nokia Camera Beta has been updated with a UI tweak foe the photo library.  If you’re on the normal version its not worth switching to the beta just for this. But if you wish to try it or if you’re already in the beta bandwagon, go update here’s the link

Nokia Camera Beta

Facebook Beta has also been updated and here’s the link. By the way, do you like the Facebook app from Microsoft? We do not like it much and feel its limited by features, share what you think in the comments.

Facebook Beta

And in other news EvLeaks has a tweet for you.

Nokia 1520 Green

Nokia 1520 Green


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