[Updated] Nokia N9 FM Radio

12 May , 2012  

Update: 13th May, 2012

Nokia nailed down the problem with “Download failure” it will be fixed on Monday (14 Apr 2012), and users will be able to download 1.0.0 version safely. Please do NOT press “Download” button more than 10 times to avoid double charges. More info at their official site:

Nokia N9 FM Radio application for N9 unlocks FM receiver functionality for Nokia N9 phones. New version has 2 different themes and RDS support, it is far most popular radio application in the OVI Store.

Previously FM Radio (Retro) was shared for free as Beta version with many users, after testing was done, author gathered a lot of important feedback and made improvements in the backend. For instance, it would be impossible to support so many different headsets without Beta testing. Retro design was recognized by users as well, so new version has got a clear Fallout style theme. FM Radio was the first radio application in the store and after the public release became most popular very fast.

First OVI Store version was obviously lacking RDS support and in despite of good looking UI did not fully fit into Nokia N9 style. But version 1.0.0 change the situation completely. Now user can choose between Retro style and new Nokia N9 theme. New version has automatic channel search and supports favourite channel list.

After the introduction, let’s check available features:



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Nokia N9 Gallery

6 Mar , 2012  

I had the review unit of Nokia N9 few months ago. I uploaded few photos to my Facebook account. Let me share them here. Have a look and let me know how they are. 🙂


Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher


Isn’t N9 sexy? 😛

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PR1.2 for Nokia N9 Screenshots

12 Jan , 2012  

A lucky fellow on got a Nokia N9 from his friend working in Nokia which is running unreleased PR1.2 for Nokia N9. This topic has excited the members to find out what this new PR1.2, much awaited release for N9, looks like.  A hot discussion about PR1.2 is going in the thread.

He shared few screenshots:

As you may notice in above screenshot, this PR1.2 has support for app folders on homescreen, copy-paste functionality in browser, etc. Changelog also says that it brings support for video calling but tamerbatar, who is lucky enough to have this running on his N9, has refused such feature in his PR1.2.

Check out and join the discussion at 

Follow us on twitter @NokiaTips or keep reading the blog for more info. 🙂

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NetView for N9 / MeeGo

8 Jan , 2012  


NetView is a nice free app available for MeeGo device Nokia N9 (N950 of course). It allows you to use your phone with a browser over HTTP or with secure SSL from some windows client like  SSVNC.  This app uses VNC for this.

Netview is a VNC based remote control for your phone. Netview enables you to view and interact with your phone from your laptop via a wifi connection. It provides an easy way to access the phones’ apps from a computer. It is based on X11VNC.


  •   Mouse and keyboard input.
  •   Orientation changes.
  •   Password protection.
  •   Only one viewer connected at a time.
  •   Secure (SSL encrypted) connection.
  •   Connection via HTTP from your web browser.
  •   Low power consumption.

N9 screenshot

NetView runs as a Java Applet in your browser and shows you the device screen. The screen in browser isn’t smooth. App may have limited usage in real life but it can be very handy when in the situations like when I corrupted my N9’s keyboard.

You can download it from Nokia Store:  Download

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Nokia N9 Apps – Readers Choice

8 Jan , 2012  

Jason on Nokia Conversations , posted a nice post showing most useful apps for Nokia apps that he found out from comments on his post last month. He missed out some apps in last post and users pointed out some useful apps, which he posted in his revised blog post on Nokia Conversations .

He pointed out following apps as must have apps for Nokia N9 (MeeGo / Harmattan)

He also described why he thinks they are must have. Have a look at his post at Nokia Conversations to find out what he thinks. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite apps too. 😉

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MeePlus – A Google+ Client for MeeGo / Harmattan

31 Dec , 2011  

Yesterday on MeeGo Forum , ntadej announced its underdevelopment application, which is a Google+ client for MeeGo Harmattan devices Nokia N9 and Nokia N950. Currently, MeePlus is in very early stage of development so it only features profile and search on Google+. More features will be added soon but Google’s API restrictions has limited access to public contents only.

You can donwnload app from here .

It is still not available in Nokia Store but will be added soon.

How to Install

You need to turn on Developer mode from Settings>Security>Developer Mode . Now locate and open the *.deb file using any file explorer, we recommend using Filebox (download from store). It will ask for your permission and agree and you’re done! 🙂


It’s an open source project, so you can also contribute to it from its Github repository at

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