Nokia reportedly sends Nokia Normandy to Indian Developers

17 Feb , 2014  


A few things about Nokia Normandy has already been leaked. Nokia is working on an Android lowend smartphone. BGR India is claiming that Nokia has started sending Nokia Normandy, aka Nokia X to Indian developers.

It has also said that Nokia is planning for campaigning this device during Indian Premier League, one of the most exciting series of India, which will be played in April. Looking at this thing makes me feel that Nokia has a huge plan for Nokia Normandy.

The site has also said the Nokia is working on its own App Store AoL (Asha on Linux). Which has already got the top 100 Android apps.

Price is expected to be $100 which is in fact best buy for the specs. Nokia Normandy will run Android 4.4 Kitkat and sports 1GHz dual core processor. It has internal storage of 4GB and 512MB of RAM.

Nokia Normandy or Nokia X is expected to be announced in Mobile World Congress.

It is going to be interesting to see the future of the phone. What will MS do? Kill it? Feel free to say your thoughts in comments or @NokiaTips.

Source: winbeta

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Nokia Normandy UI leaked again

17 Jan , 2014  



As we already know nokia is working on low cost android device named normandy , now you can see the actual UI of the device which is mixed between WP8 UI and Asha OS UI.  we  have already posted the actual image of phone here . The  specifications are 5 MP camera, 854 x 480 display resolution and will run Android KitKat’s latest version 4.4.1

@evleaks released the new photo of the UI, which consists on BBM, Vine and facebook etc.we are still not sure its android or its ASHA OS 2.0



What do you think of the image? Let us know how excited are you to see an Android device from Nokia? What do you expect from it? Feel free to put your thoughts in comments or connect with us @NokiaTips.

Source:  https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/423828937332883458


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Actual Picture of Nokia Android Phone, Nokia Normandy leaks

14 Jan , 2014  


Lately, we have seen a lot of renders of Nokia Normandy, first Android phone from Nokia.

@evleaks just leaked another picture, a real image of Nokia Normandy. Though there is nothing more than a Nokia splash screen, most probably, a boot screen, but it is first real image of the phone.

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[Video] Nokia Belle FP2 ?

30 Jun , 2012  

@ctrohin wrote a blog post on Nokia Belle FP2 – What’s new and what it means for the Nokia N8 couple of weeks ago showing screenshots of Nokia Belle FP2. Today, SymbianTweet spotted a video of Nokia Belle FP2 on YouTube which is probably the leaked video of Nokia Belle FP2.

Video demonstrated few updates in Nokia Belle FP2  which is pre-release of Nokia Belle FP2 on Nokia Developer’s RDA (Remote Device Access). It shows new transition effects, new gallery, new keyboard, etc.

It also show new camera UI, Nokia 808 PureView like camera UI. As it shows resolution upto 8 MP, it may be possible that it’s not Nokia 808.

Check out the video:

According to uploader, Nokia Belle FP2 has following updates:

Video of nokia belle Fp2 leaked pre-release on RDA (Remote Device Acces).
This is the reason of the lag in the video, is an OS emulator by nokia for developers. Some of the new things to come on Fp2 are on the video. Is a quick review of it.

+On Fp2 We’ll see:
-New swipe-unlock.
-New transition effects.
-New camera UI.
-New navbar.
-New widgets.
-New qwerty keyboard (predictive).
-New image editor.
-New web browser.
-New galery.
-New music player (pause/resume button on notification bar).

 What’s your thought on FP2?

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News,Windows Phone

Nokia WP8 Prototype: A real phone in disguise?

26 Jun , 2012  

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 at Developer Summit last week. Joe Belfiore demonstrated WP8 on some Nokia prototype phone. Design of phone looks bad indeed but its just a prototype phone. But have a look at the pic below:

Camera looks more deeper than it should be. Also the flash light is deeper compared to the body. Don’t you think that, to keep the identity of new Nokia WP8 secret, phone is covered into some other plastic/metal body and used as prototype device? May be next WP8 device is ready.

Don’t forget to post in comments what you think about this.

Image courtsey: PocketNow

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Nokia Air : Leaked Video of Nokia Air Promo

26 Jun , 2012  

Nokia Air Promo video is leaked which shows Nokia Air running on few cool devices.  This Nokia Air cloud service provides an integration of complete cloud through out the phone.

Nokia Air will let you sync contacts, calenders, media contents and apps. No need to download the contents, just stream! You will stay updated with it’s cloud technology always.

Video features three devices, a tablet, a smartphone and a small mobile device. Choose the device and where to start. 

It also shows a completely different and new UI. No more menus.  Just choose the Apps and Games from the Store and play. No need to download. Hence, bringing completely cloudy experience.

Look of the OS is like combination of Symbian Belle and MeeGo. It maybe Symbian Belle FP 2?  But again, if we are looking at Tablets, Symbian running on a Tablet at nHD resolution is weird. It is also possible that this new UI may make it possible to run itself are higher resolutions. Possibilities are many, nothing can be said until its official. But if this thing comes to Symbian, surely Symbian users will get a fresh life to live.

Are you excited about this stuff?




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