The Nokia N9; “A work of art” says Jesse Oguns – #RecapReview #2

6 Mar , 2012  

A work of art and a beauty to behold. That is how I will label the Nokia N9. I have had a trial unit courtesy of Nokia Connects for a few days. The unit I have is Blue.

Those are the exact words of “The Brand Evangelist”. He is Jesse by name and he is a mobile enthusiast. He has handled quite a number of mobile phones in the past.

In this edition of the #RecapReview featuring the Nokia N9, Jesse on his blog simply describes it as a work of art. Here are some of the excerpts from his post:

What prompted me to trial this device is what I have heard about Swipe being addictive. After using it for a few days, I can tell you how addicted i have been to Swipe. I tend to Swipe each time on my Nokia N8 too.

On Messaging, here is what Jesse concluded:

I find the Messaging integration of the Nokia N9 very fascinating. The design of the sms UI and the speed with which the OS responds makes me want to keep texting. The touch keypads are well spaced and very responsive also.

Using Skype, Facebook and Gtalk chat feels like you are chatting using an iPhone. It is fast and clean.

On the Nokia N9’s native Browser, this is what Jesse says:

The native browser is HTML5 enabled. If you sign in to Twitter, you will get the mobile web app version of twitter.

Ofcourse you can navigate to Jesse’s blog as there are more to uncover. 🙂

In addition to Jesse’s wonderful write up, here’s “a bit extra” courtesy of Nokia Conversations featuring the Nokia N9.

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Why did Nokia choose Windows Phone?

17 Feb , 2012  

Many wondered a year ago why oh why did Nokia go with the Windows Phone platform? There were so many possibilities back then. Let’s see which those were. First of all there was the almighty Android, and many thought that might have been the best choice. Second, there was Nokia’s lovechild, MeeGo, which is an amazing OS by the way, and third there was Windows Phone.

Everyone believed that Nokia choose WP7 because of Elop’s past Microsoft experience. In my opinion, that had nothing to do with it. Nokia would have loved to keep MeeGo, but it wasn’t getting enough developer traction, which as we all know is vital for an ecosystem. Qt started blossoming way later and, as some sources inside Nokia Romania indicate, it might come to WP7 too as an SDK. So Nokia had two choices: Android or WP7. And they choose what was the closer resemblance to MeeGo, Windows Phone 7. There are lots of things these two have in common. Think about swipe gestures, think about simple homescreens, think about pinning webpages to your homescreen. At the time of the choice however, WP7 had no multitasking, but now Mango does a pretty decent job.
Many would wonder why Nokia suddenly decided to shift it’s strategy to an OS they had no control over. Well, it’s easy. It’s all about economics. Nokia had to do hardware, and a whole bunch of software. There was the Symbian division, the MeeGo division, the Qt division, the Maps division, should I go on? All these divisions are hard to manage by anyone, be it Kallasvuo or Elop. So they had to cut some of these divisions, and they decided to cut those who had the least performance, Symbian and MeeGo. They could no longer bring home the bacon so to say. An outside OS would have been painless for Nokia, and they could once again manager the company with better control. Symbian moved to Accenture, and so did Qt. Nokia still calls the shots, but they got rid of a lot of stress. If Symbian manages to survive and flourish, all the better. If not, they have WP7.

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PR1.2 for Nokia N9 Screenshots

12 Jan , 2012  

A lucky fellow on got a Nokia N9 from his friend working in Nokia which is running unreleased PR1.2 for Nokia N9. This topic has excited the members to find out what this new PR1.2, much awaited release for N9, looks like.  A hot discussion about PR1.2 is going in the thread.

He shared few screenshots:

As you may notice in above screenshot, this PR1.2 has support for app folders on homescreen, copy-paste functionality in browser, etc. Changelog also says that it brings support for video calling but tamerbatar, who is lucky enough to have this running on his N9, has refused such feature in his PR1.2.

Check out and join the discussion at 

Follow us on twitter @NokiaTips or keep reading the blog for more info. 🙂

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NetView for N9 / MeeGo

8 Jan , 2012  


NetView is a nice free app available for MeeGo device Nokia N9 (N950 of course). It allows you to use your phone with a browser over HTTP or with secure SSL from some windows client like  SSVNC.  This app uses VNC for this.

Netview is a VNC based remote control for your phone. Netview enables you to view and interact with your phone from your laptop via a wifi connection. It provides an easy way to access the phones’ apps from a computer. It is based on X11VNC.


  •   Mouse and keyboard input.
  •   Orientation changes.
  •   Password protection.
  •   Only one viewer connected at a time.
  •   Secure (SSL encrypted) connection.
  •   Connection via HTTP from your web browser.
  •   Low power consumption.

N9 screenshot

NetView runs as a Java Applet in your browser and shows you the device screen. The screen in browser isn’t smooth. App may have limited usage in real life but it can be very handy when in the situations like when I corrupted my N9’s keyboard.

You can download it from Nokia Store:  Download

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Nokia N9 Apps – Readers Choice

8 Jan , 2012  

Jason on Nokia Conversations , posted a nice post showing most useful apps for Nokia apps that he found out from comments on his post last month. He missed out some apps in last post and users pointed out some useful apps, which he posted in his revised blog post on Nokia Conversations .

He pointed out following apps as must have apps for Nokia N9 (MeeGo / Harmattan)

He also described why he thinks they are must have. Have a look at his post at Nokia Conversations to find out what he thinks. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite apps too. 😉

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How To,MeeGo,Tips/Tricks

How to Mod Nokia N9 UI?

3 Jan , 2012  

Modding will look a very heavy word and you will think “It maybe difficult, I can’t do”. Well, if you are considering to mod N9/N950’s MeeGo, it’s quite easy than you expect. You will need to know CSS to do so. Yes, CSS. And you require some courage also. 😉

I was playing with my N9 and was looking at system files and found out that UI uses CSS for styling. I am not much sure if there are other things that need for more modding but you can surely change the styling of a page by editing its style.

I am giving you brief tutorial how you can modify MeeGo UI.

#ff0000;">Warning: This post is only for learning purpose and if anything goes wrong with your device, we are not responsible for it. Do it at your own risk.


First of all you need to enable Developer Mode from Settings>Security>Developer Mode. Now you can either use Terminal of your phone or use SSH to access it on PC. I recommend SSH from PC for ease of editing.

How to get access from PC using SSH

You need to download PuTTY. Now connect your N9 with PC using WLAN. You will need to get password for developer account from SDK Connection which will have come after you have enabled developer mode. Open it, select WLAN and note down the IP and passsword.

You now need to connect to N9 from PC using SSH.

Now use the information as shown in above screenshot with the IP your got in SDK Connection app.

Check following commands:

Now you will get a prompt to enter login. Use developer and password is what you have got in your SDK Connection. You have now successfully logined but you don’t have root access , so you cannot modify needed files. You need to gain root access. So type devel-su and it will ask for password. rootme is default password.

Now you have full root access. You can do what you want. Now go to the theme directories. Use the command you see in above screenshot. Now , that meegotouch directory will have all those directories that represent UI style of a particular page or application. Now goto any directory, you want to modify the UI of, and under style, you will see a CSS file. Open it, edit it and play with it. 😉

For example you want to modify Camera UI. Check out following commands:

You need to edit camera-ui.css. You can use vi editor or nano editor (needs to be installed from Settings>Security>Developer mode and install Utilities). Here is a glimpse of what camera-ui.css looks a like.

It is always better to backup the original file before editing it, in case you mess something up.

You can also edit those files explicitly and put them in those directories overwriting the original files. Just learn some basic linux commands.


Keep Mind Cool

It maybe possible that you mess up something and make things worst. Just keep mind cool and replace edited files with original ones. If nothing fixes it, you can flash your N9 (very very less probability of the need of flashing).

I messed up my N9 while modding the keyboard. The issue rose up that Keyboard wasn’t showing up. At that time, I wasn’t using PuTTY from PC but in terminal on my phone. Thus, I made my almost unusable as there was no keyboard and I can’t revert back to original keyboard because there was no keyboard and so I can’t type any commands in terminal on phone. In frustration I forgot about SSH and reset the phone and clear the device making things worst! Later I realized I can get IP of phone by SDK Connection and developer account’s password to login into terminal using SSH. Finally, I fixed it.

All I want to say from this is, keep the mind cool when such shit happens and don’t panic in such situations because there is always a solution. 🙂


Happy Modding

Start modding and don’t forget to share what you did with your MeeGo device(s). 😉 If you have any doubt or problem, just post in comments or contact us at @NokiaTips on twitter. We are always happy to help you.

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