Rome trip trough the lens of the Mapstronaut Nokia N8

4 Apr , 2012  

You may or may not know that back in December 2011, Nokia Connects along with the Nokia Maps Blog team held a contest involving people suggesting locations to the big guy Mapstronaut, and if he’d visit those locations, you’d get a chance to win the big prize. The prize involved a Nokia N8, an activity worth 1000 Euros and a helicopter tour of your city.
I won that contest. So the N8 is now may main phone and camera, the helicopter tour turned into a flight lesson(since there are no helicopters available near my city), and the activity turned into a trip to Rome for me and my wife. All the pictures from this post were shot with the Nokia N8. Since I had no roaming data plan I had to rely on my N8’s Nokia Maps throughout the entire trip for offline navigation, and I have to say I have no complaint. Every direction we got was spot on.

Day one

So Monday, March 12th 2012 was the day it all begin. At 8 o’clock in the morning we were off to the airport. We boarded the plane and were gently awaiting for takeoff. It would be our first flight ever. I was a little nervous about the takeoff, as I had no idea what to expect, but I was even more nervous when we were about to land. The plane we took from Craiova to Timisoara was a Saab 2000, a turboprop aircraft. So, we had our first landing in Timisoara, and I finally got over the first flight fear and had the chance to pull out the N8 and shoot some photos.

From Timisoara, we took a different plane for Rome, this time a Fokker 100 turbojet aircraft. Again, it would be our first turbojet flight. This time around I pulled the N8 from my pocket and shot some photos from above the clouds.


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Nokia N8 running MeeGo? Wow! :P

31 Mar , 2012  

Ok, we’ve been told not to say much about this until we confirm all we have (maybe in a few moments). Let the picture above pass on the message to you.

Actually, Kishan did a whole lot of magic got so this thing happening on the N8. You know what? It is so smooth!!!

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[Game] Holi Hai! Symbian^3

7 Mar , 2012  

It’ Holi today. Tomorrow is Dhulheti, a colorful festival of India. For those, who don’t know about this festival,

The main day, Holi, also known as Dhuli in Sanskrit, also DhulhetiDhulandi or Dhulendi, is celebrated by people throwing scented powder and perfume at each other – Wikipedia


Are you too eager to play Dhulheti? Let’s play it on our Symbian device. Download Holi Hai! from Nokia Store  for free and Have fun. 😉

Holi Hai Description

Experience Holi in an Indian village. Squirt colours on others and have fun remembering the joys of Holi.


Holi Hai has total 5 levels in different places. You get 5 different levels, showing different villege/city areas to play.

Character will appear randomly on screen. To throw color, just touch that character. You will get 3 minutes time to score as much as you can.

Game has cool graphics and interface. This game really reflects the culture of village and small Indian cities.


You can download this game from http://store.ovi.com/content/124686 It’s a free game.


Happy Holi and Dhulheti. 

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What is PureView Pro Technology?

29 Feb , 2012  


On this 27th, Nokia announced its first device with PureView technology, Nokia 808 PureView, having 41 MegaPixel camera and everybody are just WOW! Well, that’s obvious. Even, how many would have expected this thing in a Mobile Phone? Surely very few, who are behind PureView Pro technology. But what is this PureView Pro technology? Many of you who may be unaware about this. Nokia have already released White Paper written by Juha Alakarhu, Damian Dinning, and Eero Salmeli for PureView Pro technology. Let’s try to understand it.


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Nokia Pure View Teaser – Nokia 808?

22 Feb , 2012  

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR99WWdxmwc]


Nokia has uploaded a video on YouTube with name “Get ready to capture a pure view“. Nokia N8’s successor is rumored to be called Nokia 808 PureView. Video description says,

Stay tuned for the latest news from Nokia at Mobile World Congress, February 27th to March 1st 2012. For real time updates from the event, follow us on Twitter at http://nokia.ly/ezHlNQ


That video is currently unlisted, that means, only people with link to it, can see it.

After this teaser, we can almost confirm that Nokia is launching another Camera flagship phone at MWC.

Moreover, Damian Dinning ( @PhoneDaz), the man behind Nokia’s Camera, also retweeted a link to a blog about  this video and Nokia 808 Pureview rumor.

Well, I can smell something cooking inside Nokia for MWC. Whatever it be, it will be interesting. 😛

So, what do you expect from Nokia for MWC and any guesses about Nokia 808 specs and designs? 😉

Stay tuned and let us know on Twitter @NokiaTips .

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Symbian Carla tested on Nokia N8

14 Feb , 2012  

Sources inside Nokia Brasil have confirmed that test builds of the next Symbian iteration, namely Carla, are running on QA Nokia N8’s. It is yet unknown if the final Carla build will be released or not for the Nokia N8 and it’s likes.

The final build is not yet complete, so the final system requirements are still not very clear. It is possible that Carla will be made available for the 680MHz Symbian phones, but with a smaller feature set, since the current feature set seems to be running on the N8. It is my opinion that Carla will be for Belle as Anna was for S^3, so the impact on performance should be minimal. Donna, however would be a completely different story(if it ever launches).

On a second note, the same source said it is possible that Carla builds will be released to application developers pretty soon, to ensure application compatibility. This can only mean that the Nokia N8 successor that will be launched this month at MWC may come with the new Carla on board. Why else would Nokia release developer builds right? On the same note, it is possible that Carla will add support for 1080p video recording, since it seems that the N8 successor will be able to handle that resolution.


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