WhatsApp for Meego Harmattan / Maemo coming up. (Nokia N9, N900)

16 Mar , 2012  

Oh Well! I’m rest assured that our MeeGo and Maemo friends would be glad to see this. Over the past few months, there has been an online movement (a kinda petition) for the porting of WhatsApp to the MeeGo family. While I was playing in the “NokiaTips Lab” 🙂 I stumbled upon a post by our friends at MeeGoExperts

With the interest of the global village at heart, the community folks at have joined forces together to port this wonderful IM solution called WhatsApp on devices running the Meego Harmattan and Maemo OS. The image above shows the development being tested on one of the devices. Additionally, we hear that the beta is expected to be released anytime next week.

You can monitor the development process here:

You can as well contribute on its development as it would help in creating a wonderful app.

As usual we are @NokiaTips 🙂

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