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Nokia Lumia 820/920 available for purchase in India

10 Jan , 2013  

920-spec-front-pngMany online stores have got Lumia 920 with coming soon tag. I just received an email from informing that Lumia 920 is available for purchase.

This online store has got the Lumia 920 in stock and selling at Rs. 36499, promising delivery in 3-5 business day. While they have Lumia 820 at Rs. 26499 . I have personally never used this online store before. Price, however, looks good compared to what other online stores have got with their coming soon tags.

If you want to order one, head to

What do you think about the price? IMO, it bit overpriced. Should have near 33k.


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Are you facing problem with Payment in Nokia Store?

6 Jun , 2012  

Ever since I bought Nokia N8 (on Oct,2012) , I have been using my visa debit card to purchase apps for Nokia Store (Ovi Store formerly). We used to have an option to save our card but that option never worked for me because all purchase I make from saved cards failed. But I can use same card without saving it.

Later we got Nokia Store QML client. And we have to save the card before we can use. But now problem is that, when we save our card and we make purchases, it works until that session ends. I mean, you close the store and then start it to purchase something, you will get following screen:

But purchasing will again work if you add that card again upto that session only. Does any of you face similar problem? Please comment so that it can be helpful to Nokia people to investigate.

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