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Lumia 1020 at Rs. 19,999 at Flipkart Today

6 Oct , 2014  


Flipkart is celebrating biggest online sale ever today and having huge discount on over 70 categories today.

They are selling Lumia 1020 at Rs. 19,999 (<$320) only and that’s a huge discount compared to other sellers.

Lumia 1020 is still a leader in smartphone photography and a must buy at this price if you like photography.

If you are interested in buying one, run fast to Flipkart and buy it before it goes out of stock. I got one for me. Are you getting one for you? 🙂

Link to Lumia 1020:

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Nokia India starts Pre-order of Lumia 1020 at Rs. 49,999!!

7 Oct , 2013  



Nokia India just announced on their facebook page that Nokia Lumia 1020 PureView is available for pre-order! Pre-order starts at Rs. 49,999 (808USD approx)!

No doubt, Nokia Lumia 1020 an awesome device, but Rs 49,999 is too much for a device. If this is the final price after launch, I doubt they will be able to do sufficient sale.

Nokia Lumia 1020 is first WP8 device with 41 MP PureView camera and Xenon flash and it best known for it’s zoom capabilities, #ZoomReinvented. It sports 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Dual Core processor and 4.5″ screen.

If you want to pre-order, head to Nokia’s official store: . They are also giving Nokia WH-530 stereo headphone free (do you even care? )!

What are you views on Nokia Lumia 1020 pricing in India? Does it worth it? Feel free to comment or tweet us @NokiaTips

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Nokia Officially Launches Lumia 625 and 925 in India

22 Aug , 2013  


Nokia India has officially launched Nokia Lumia 625 and 925.

Nokia Lumia 625 is now available at Rs. 19,999 and Lumia 925 is available at Rs. 33499.

Their official press release:




Nokia Lumia 925 -showcasing inspiring advancements in smartphone technology


Nokia Lumia 625 – Entertainment unleashed, on the biggest Nokia Lumia device


New Delhi, August 22, 2013 – Nokia India todayannounced two new additions to its Lumia portfolio in India – Nokia Lumia 925andNokia Lumia 625.The new Nokia Lumia 925 offers a superlative imaging experience enabled by the world’s most advanced lens technology, PureView camera and Nokia’s next generation imaging software to deliver clearer, sharper pictures and video as well as enhanced low-light imaging – all packed in a suavely designed, slim and stylish metal-polycarbonate body. The Nokia Lumia 625 flaunts a large 4.7-inch super-sensitive LCD screen designed for a great entertainment experience, with the added impetus of an exclusive video content app offering access to a rich cache of over 3000 movies across Hollywood, Bollywood and regional genres for streaming and downloading.


Launching the new devices, Mr. Viral Oza, Director-Marketing, Nokia India said, “The Nokia Lumia 925 and Nokia Lumia 625 are perfect examples of our focus on innovation and continued investment in delivering truly compelling smartphone experiences to our consumers at every price point. The Nokia Lumia 625 is our largest smartphone screen to date and offers a superior entertainment companion to our consumers, while with the Nokia Lumia 925, we have introduced metal to the Lumia range in a sleek, light weight designthat consumers will love along with enhanced imaging capabilities –both reiterating Nokia’s commitment to advance experiences on the Nokia Lumia portfolio.”


Nokia Lumia 925: More than your eyes can see

The Nokia Lumia 925 introduces a stylish metal design for the first time to the Nokia Lumia range, with the polycarbonate made available in white, grey or black. A wireless charging cover can be clipped onto the back of the phone to take advantage of Nokia’s extensive wireless charging accessories and ecosystem.


The Nokia Lumia 925 showcases the latest PureViewcamera innovation, new features and third party applications coming to the Nokia Lumia range. In addition to boasting the most advanced lens technology and software for better imaging capabilities, this smartphone also introduces the new Nokia Smart Camera mode, coming as an update to all Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Nokia Smart Camera offers an easy way to capture ten images at once and edit the pictures with options like Best Shot, Action Shot,and Motion Focus for creating the perfect high quality image.


Leading Nokia services such as the HERE suite of integrated location and navigation services and Nokia Music for unlimited streaming of free music playlists, add to the great proposition offered by Nokia’s latest additions.





Nokia Lumia 625: The Phone Theatre

The Lumia 625 delivers a world of premium entertainment to a wide audience with a large 4.7-inch super-sensitive LCD screen. Nokia Lumia 625 consumers in India will get an out-of-the-box entertainment package worth Rs. 16000/- absolutely free of cost. This includes movies, eBooks from Flipkart and access to the Nokia Music Store, among others.


The Lumia 625 will come pre-loaded with Your Movies,the only movie app thatallows users not to just stream but also to download movies on to the device.Developed by Digitainment, India’s largest digital full movie distribution company and technology partner/powered by Touchfone, Your Movies will initially have over 3000 movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and other regional genre .In order to facilitate easy access, Nokia will also provide all Nokia Lumia 625 users free access to Ozone Wi-Fi zones across India at more than 800 youth hangout zones that include Café Coffee Day, McDonalds, and Subway among others. Consumers can download up to 10 GB of content in these zones at no extra cost during the first three months of purchasing the device.

Moreover, games, apps, and free navigation with HEREMaps and Drive are also easier to follow on the Nokia Lumia 625’s big screen. With a new expression of the award winning Nokia Lumia design, it offers the choice of 5 semi-transparent changeable shells; available in orange, bright green, yellow, and white and black.

Both the Nokia Lumia 625 and the Nokia Lumia 925 come pre-loaded with the newly launched Flipkart eBooks WPPhone app. Consumers will get free titles from well-known authors like Chetan Bhagat, Shobha De, and Khushwant Singh among others.


Running Windows Phone 8, both the Nokia Lumia 625and Nokia Lumia 925 provideleading personalisation with changeable Live Tiles that update direct to the home screen, whilst the People Hub makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family. There’salso Xbox Live and Microsoft Office integration and access to over 175000 apps on the Windows Store. In addition to 7GB of online SkyDrive storage, the Nokia Lumia 625 has 8GB of in built memory and SD memory card support of up to 64GB, while the Nokia Lumia 925 has 16GB of internal memory.


Coloud Gear: complete the experience

Nokia has also teamed with Coloud™ to create new range of headphones that combine audio prowess with excellent value.The three new headsets are called Boom, Knock and Pop. Customized for Nokia, the headsets are affordable, robust and yet stylish and colorful headphones that complete the Nokia accessory range at a lower price point. The headphones come with Zound Lasso, a smarter way of managing the cable. Boom, Knock, and Pop come in either yellow, bright red, or cyan – Nokia’s iconic colours. All three headphones will be available September onwards.


Price and Availability

The Nokia Lumia 925 will be available at a best buy price of INR 33499/- and the Nokia Lumia 625 will be available at a best buy price of INR 19,999/-. Prices of Coloud headsets will be announced closer to market launch.


Page link:



About Nokia


Nokia is a global leader in mobile communications whose products have become an integral part of the lives of people around the world. Every day, more than 1.3 billion people use their Nokia to capture and share experiences, access information, find their way or simply to speak to one another. Nokia’s technological and design innovations have made its brand one of the most recognized in the world. For more information, visit


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PureView’s father Damian Dinning is leaving Nokia

24 Nov , 2012  

Think about Mobile Phone Camera and I doubt anybody would think any name except Nokia. Nokia has been the king of smartphone camera and the driving force behind has been @PhoneDaz for last 9 years. But Damian Dinning is leaving Nokia on this 30th Nov.  It been a kind of shock for almost all fans.

In a talk with @PureViewClub he shared few words,

Following the news of my forthcoming departure from Nokia I wanted to say a few words:

Firstly, wow! Huge thanks for the incredibly kind words of support and well wishes. I have been so touched by all of your messages.

As reported in Nokia’s own statement regarding my forthcoming departure, a number of key strategic roles have moved to Finland. My family and I are based in the UK at a stage in our lives where relocation is unfortunately not an option. I have therefore made the tremendously difficult decision after nearly 9 years with Nokia to leave the company. I am hugely proud of the work I have been involved with during my time at Nokia and feel privileged to have worked with some of the smartest people I’ve ever been fortunate enough to meet.

As reported by a few, the work area I am best known for, imaging, is the result of a huge and massively talented pool of people. I have often felt embarrassed by the media attention I received knowing that whilst I am proud of my own contributions and the forward looking guidance I have strived to provide the teams, there are a lot of unsung heroes!

I have known for some time that I would be leaving Nokia. I’ve spent many many months with this in mind, working with incredibly talented and highly motivated people across various teams building towards the next steps Nokia will take in imaging.

At a very young age, I had two very strong interests, cars and photography. With regards to the latter, I wanted to be able to take photography from the nerdy or for special occasions only use it was at the time, to being part of everyday life. I never thought I’d be able to play a role in making that happen, but my time at Nokia gave me exactly that opportunity. I really feel I’ve been able to fulfil that ambition. Whilst we’re really only just entering the next major stage in the development of photography and I still have a very clear vision of how I see it’s longer term development, I fully recognise this is the perfect opportunity for me to work in quite a different area.

For those less cynical amongst you, there’s a lot to look forward to as the various teams continue to work as hard as ever. I feel confident you’re going to really love what they’re working on for the future. Having been directly involved, I’m personally intrigued to monitor as a spectator, their progress.

As for my future, I am moving to an industry I’ve wanted to be part of for a very long time. My experience in telecoms and smartphones provides me with a great opportunity to make a difference in a company whose own development is inspiring at a time of great change. I am thrilled that I’ll shortly be joining Jaguar Land Rover where I’ll take a role
driving future innovations in the exciting new field of Connected Car.

You can still contact me via my twitter page @PhoneDaz, but I will not be using this account in relation to my new role. Feel free to nudge me from time to time…

Best wishes to you all.

Damian Dinning

It is really sad to see him go. However as he has said, his team is already there and they will be pushing great things ahead.

Well wishes to @PhoneDaz from all @NokiaTips family and fans. Hope, you can fulfill your second dream. 🙂

Source: PureViewClub

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Nokia Lumia 920 Demonstration Video

22 Sep , 2012  

Kristina Björknäs from Nokia demonstrated Nokia Lumia 920 at Photokina. Marc @PureViewClub shot couple of videos of the demonstration and shared it on his blog at

In first video, Kristina Björknäs displays great specs of Lumia 920 PureView, like supersensitive touch, PureMotion HD+, and great CBD display. Quoting the @PureViewClub ,

First, Kristina mentions a few of the interesting specifications of the display: supersensitive touchmakes it possible to use it even with your gloves on or with your nails – you don’t need the skintouch anymore. PureMotion DH+ is a way of overdriving that makes the screen 2,5 times faster than the screens of the competition.

Visibility is enhanced by using ClearBlack technologysunlight readability enhancement and a high brightness mode, offering up to 600 nits – that means you will easily be able to read the screen outdoors in the sun. Of course, you won’t need as much light indoors, and you shouldn’t use that much since it will probably take a lot more energy.

In another video, Camera part is demonstrated with OIS features. I must admit OIS is awesome! Hats off to @PhoneDaz and @nokia !

So how excited are you for Lumia 920? Let us know. 😉

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Damian Dinning: “It’s not about the number of pixels but what you do with them”

4 Sep , 2012  

I know I should have shared this few days back but I was quite busy shifting from one state to another state. On 31st Aug, I had a small conversation with @PhoneDaz, Imaging Guru and man behind Nokia’s best cameras and PureView Technology. Have a look at it:

When asking if PureView needs 41 MP, he stated,

@ksg91 PureView is a blend of new imaging sw+hw tech 2 create leading performance/capabilites. There r many diff ways this can b applied.

Asking if smaller sensor will deliver similar quality, he clearly stated PureView is not about pixels, it’s about mixture of hardware and software.

After few people noticed this conversation, they posted this on few blogs and people kept asking more about upcoming Lumia PureView. Little frustrated because of people asking him to comment on rumours (obvious) , he tweeted  about PureView technology.

As he has already said:

Thus, it is almost sure that upcoming Lumia PureView is not going to have 41 MP sensor. Rumors are saying, Lumia PureView will be 21MP or mostly 8MP PureView with more features like image/video stabilization and other software enhancements. Question is, how well smaller sensors will work against 41MP PureView sensor? Only thing we can do is to wait one more day. 😉

What do you expect? Tell us in comment or connect with us @NokiaTips on Twitter. 🙂

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