TruBlackHD A Premium Theme By Mandeep Themes For Symbian Belle,Anna & S60V5

5 May , 2012  

 TruBlackHD banner

I Would like to Thank @Mandeep_Themes that he did a great job by designing this Clean Minimal & Battery Saver Theme ,This is the Theme which i am looking for. TruBlackHD comes with lot’s of third parties icon’s like Gravity,Shazam,Fmobi and Fsecure etc. Yes its a premium Theme but at minimal cost in India it will cost you  Rs.5/- and for others its 0.99Euro’s which is very Minimal Because after using TruBlackHD you will realise that it worth’s more.

  • The Home Screens:

Scr000062        scr000073


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Nokia Lumia 800 – It’s new, It’s great, It’s Amazing

28 Apr , 2012  


About two weeks ago, I received review unit of Nokia Lumia 800 from Nokia India & Blogger’s Mind. I am really thankful to them for this. Nokia announced their partnership with Microsoft on Feb, 11. and embraced Windows Phone as their primary OS for next phones. Many people were shocked, sad, some happy but all were surely excited to see the outcome, and was I. Well, Nokia released their first Windows Phone , Nokia Lumia 800, and just like other, I wanted to try it too. But never requested before review unit being too busy with college. Finally, I got little time to try one and I spent about a week now with this lovely piece of hardware.

In last Decemeber, I had Nokia N9 with me and got to spend almost two months. Nokia Lumia 800 and N9, having almost similar design, comparable specs and different eco system, it will be good for me to compare between Nokia Lumia 800 and N9. Let’s start review with specs.


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Nokia Lumia 900 Hardware Teardown and Review

5 Apr , 2012  


Bill Detwiler at TechRepublic disassembled Nokia Lumia 900 to have a peek at it’s hardware. They posted series of photo’s taken while disassambly.

Have a look at their full gallery at 

They also compared it with Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S and said

The Lumia 900 may lack of a dual-core processor and have a lower resolution screen and less storage capacity than the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S, but it’s definitely the best Windows Phone 7 device I’ve tested. And even with its less-than-cutting edge hardware, I found the Lumia’s overall performance on par with the other two phones.


They are correct, hardware specs wise, they may lead, but Lumia 900 has sufficient specs to run Windows Phone smoothly or any other app, then burdening more on customers just for higher specs is senseless.

You can also read their full review at 

So what do you think about Lumia 900? Don’t forget to comment your thoughts. And join the conversation on Twitter @NokiaTips 🙂



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Nokia 700 Review: Dynamite comes in small packages

4 Apr , 2012  


When I first received the Nokia 700 I was relieved to find that it was not a micro-SIM device which is something I’ve come to dislike over the last few months. One of the main attractions of the Nokia 700 would definitely be that fact that it’s one of the smallest and loudest smart phones available on the market today, but the smaller body doesn’t affect it’s usability at all as you’ll see below. Compared to the Lumia 800, the 700 is as tiny as it comes and at 9,7mm it’s quite thin. More…

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App Review: Astroller

26 Feb , 2012  


Ever wondered which star you’re looking in sky at night or ever wanted to know about any star or planet you’ve looked? Well, then Astroller is here for you. All you got to do is to point your phone at the sky and Astroller will identify the object you’re looking at. It doesn’t only identify the object, but feeds you with the details of the object. Astroller uses the GPS and compass to provide you the best accuracy you can expect from any app. Read more to discover what Astroller can do.

Author: Heliotrope

Version Reviewed: 4.0

Price: Rs. 50



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Nokia BH-905i Walkthrough

26 Feb , 2012  

In last October, I got chance to play with Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth Stereo Headset and I reviewed it on my blog. I am just re-sharing my review here, so larger audience can benefit from it and make decision if they are planning to buy one.

About BH-905i

No matter if you are an office person or random guy, you use phone either to listen to music or for call purpose quite often and having a wireless headset may look quite pleasant. At the same time, cordless headset brings the fear of low quality audio to mind. Well that was the past; nowadays you find many Bluetooth Stereo Headsets offering great sound quality rival to the wired stereo headset. When you are considering such headsets, you may no miss to count Nokia BH-905i. BH-905i is the successor of BH-905 with many improvements to its design and quality.

BH-905i possesses some impressive specifications. One of that is Active Noise Cancellation with it’s 8 dedicated microphones to cancel out background noise and 2 microphones for speech capturing and advance digital signal processing providing you clear communication experiences. Other features are nice audio quality, elegant design, wide compatibility, etc. But does it meet all our expectation very well? Let’s see.


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