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Lumia 920 at Rs. 24999 & Lumia 820 at Rs. 19999 ?

1 Nov , 2012  

Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 are about to be launched in major markets and many online stores have already listed them as “Coming Soon”.
@SirajSoft  shared a screen of html meta from a online store and it captured my attention with price in meta description.

Though they have listed the device price as Coming Soon at Lumia 920 & 820 product page, they have included price in meta description.  Price for Lumia 920 is Rs. 24999 ($465.5)  and for 820, it is Rs. 19999 ($372). They are quite unbelievable as they launched Lumia 800 at Rs. 29,000. It may be just their SEO tricks to gain attention.

Whatever, but even if price fall even near them, it will be a big hit! Lumia 920 and 820 should be launched in India this month as confirmed by Nokia, however no announcements on date or price.

*finger crossed* 😉


Thanks @SirajSoft for sharing the tip. 🙂

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News,Windows Phone

Damian Dinning: “It’s not about the number of pixels but what you do with them”

4 Sep , 2012  

I know I should have shared this few days back but I was quite busy shifting from one state to another state. On 31st Aug, I had a small conversation with @PhoneDaz, Imaging Guru and man behind Nokia’s best cameras and PureView Technology. Have a look at it:

When asking if PureView needs 41 MP, he stated,

@ksg91 PureView is a blend of new imaging sw+hw tech 2 create leading performance/capabilites. There r many diff ways this can b applied.

Asking if smaller sensor will deliver similar quality, he clearly stated PureView is not about pixels, it’s about mixture of hardware and software.

After few people noticed this conversation, they posted this on few blogs and people kept asking more about upcoming Lumia PureView. Little frustrated because of people asking him to comment on rumours (obvious) , he tweeted  about PureView technology.

As he has already said:

Thus, it is almost sure that upcoming Lumia PureView is not going to have 41 MP sensor. Rumors are saying, Lumia PureView will be 21MP or mostly 8MP PureView with more features like image/video stabilization and other software enhancements. Question is, how well smaller sensors will work against 41MP PureView sensor? Only thing we can do is to wait one more day. 😉

What do you expect? Tell us in comment or connect with us @NokiaTips on Twitter. 🙂

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