App Review: Astroller

26 Feb , 2012  


Ever wondered which star you’re looking in sky at night or ever wanted to know about any star or planet you’ve looked? Well, then Astroller is here for you. All you got to do is to point your phone at the sky and Astroller will identify the object you’re looking at. It doesn’t only identify the object, but feeds you with the details of the object. Astroller uses the GPS and compass to provide you the best accuracy you can expect from any app. Read more to discover what Astroller can do.

Author: Heliotrope

Version Reviewed: 4.0

Price: Rs. 50



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Nokia Pure View Teaser – Nokia 808?

22 Feb , 2012  



Nokia has uploaded a video on YouTube with name “Get ready to capture a pure view“. Nokia N8’s successor is rumored to be called Nokia 808 PureView. Video description says,

Stay tuned for the latest news from Nokia at Mobile World Congress, February 27th to March 1st 2012. For real time updates from the event, follow us on Twitter at


That video is currently unlisted, that means, only people with link to it, can see it.

After this teaser, we can almost confirm that Nokia is launching another Camera flagship phone at MWC.

Moreover, Damian Dinning ( @PhoneDaz), the man behind Nokia’s Camera, also retweeted a link to a blog about  this video and Nokia 808 Pureview rumor.

Well, I can smell something cooking inside Nokia for MWC. Whatever it be, it will be interesting. 😛

So, what do you expect from Nokia for MWC and any guesses about Nokia 808 specs and designs? 😉

Stay tuned and let us know on Twitter @NokiaTips .

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Updated: List of Awesome Widgets for Nokia Belle

19 Feb , 2012  

Jonas1975 on Daily Mobile has created a nice thread for the collection of all working and awesome widgets that you may have not even seen before. These require to be installed on your C:\ (i.e. Phone Memory) and your phone should be hacked. But if you don’t have/want to hack the phone, simply sign this widgets using your own .cert and .key files. 🙂


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Why did Nokia choose Windows Phone?

17 Feb , 2012  

Many wondered a year ago why oh why did Nokia go with the Windows Phone platform? There were so many possibilities back then. Let’s see which those were. First of all there was the almighty Android, and many thought that might have been the best choice. Second, there was Nokia’s lovechild, MeeGo, which is an amazing OS by the way, and third there was Windows Phone.

Everyone believed that Nokia choose WP7 because of Elop’s past Microsoft experience. In my opinion, that had nothing to do with it. Nokia would have loved to keep MeeGo, but it wasn’t getting enough developer traction, which as we all know is vital for an ecosystem. Qt started blossoming way later and, as some sources inside Nokia Romania indicate, it might come to WP7 too as an SDK. So Nokia had two choices: Android or WP7. And they choose what was the closer resemblance to MeeGo, Windows Phone 7. There are lots of things these two have in common. Think about swipe gestures, think about simple homescreens, think about pinning webpages to your homescreen. At the time of the choice however, WP7 had no multitasking, but now Mango does a pretty decent job.
Many would wonder why Nokia suddenly decided to shift it’s strategy to an OS they had no control over. Well, it’s easy. It’s all about economics. Nokia had to do hardware, and a whole bunch of software. There was the Symbian division, the MeeGo division, the Qt division, the Maps division, should I go on? All these divisions are hard to manage by anyone, be it Kallasvuo or Elop. So they had to cut some of these divisions, and they decided to cut those who had the least performance, Symbian and MeeGo. They could no longer bring home the bacon so to say. An outside OS would have been painless for Nokia, and they could once again manager the company with better control. Symbian moved to Accenture, and so did Qt. Nokia still calls the shots, but they got rid of a lot of stress. If Symbian manages to survive and flourish, all the better. If not, they have WP7.

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Oh Symbian! Oh Symbian! How much more of you are we getting?

3 Feb , 2012  

[Update 1] The response we’ve had from this post says that this is a stipulated idea by the author of the post (Andrew from and hence MAY NOT be true. Definitely, we are here to keep you updated if anything comes up!

A quote from The Register:

Exclusive Nokia is said to be hastening the demise of its legacy Symbian platform, cancelling the development of all but one new Symbian-based device. Although Nokia Belle updates will continue to ship to existing customers, only one new model – a successor to the N8 high-end camera phone – will reach the market, the Register understands.

Apparently, not withstanding the BIG boost that our dear Symbian has giving to the finnish company – Nokia. It has finally reached the stage where symbian says: “Just one more shot, and I am done”. From what we see, the Nokia N8’s successor is the only device that would be running the symbian OS and it’ll be a wrap.

What do you think folks? Will you miss Symbian?

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Read more from: The Register

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Symbian Carla – Is it for you? Check this out.

1 Feb , 2012  

There has been so much “hype” all over the Internet concerning Nokia’s updates on the “presumed dead” OS – Symbian. As of now, people currently have their fingers crossed, body itching and currently anxious as to when the Nokia Belle will arrive!

Well, this post looks deep into another major update coming on the Nokia platform called the Symbian Carla! (Did you notice the sequence? A = Anna, B = Belle, C = Carla, D = Donna 🙂 )

What you should Know about Symbian Carla!

After the release of Symbian Anna and Nokia Belle on the Nokia (Symbian) OS, there has been a lot of efforts by Nokia to keep improving the OS to make it the people’s choice. Symbian Carla is said to be another major update coming on Nokia devices very soon. Apparently, Symbian Carla is presumed to bring support for Dolby surround sound, along with a new widget and better NFC connectivity. The new OS upgrade will also come with other enhancements, but specific info on other improvements that it might include have not emerged so far.

What Devices will actually have Carla?

There has been a lot of rumor that the Symbian Carla will not be supported by the 1st Generation Symbian^3 phones. We do NOT have complete details of the devices that would be enjoying the Carla update but a little research we made shows that it MAY be available for the FORE-runners of the Symbian^3 platform (N8, E7, C7, X7, C6-01, and the E6). Here happens to be images (of an error log report) by the Nokia engineers displaying test results of the Symbian Carla tested on two devices (the Nokia E7 and the Nokia E6).

Please click on the Images to make it bigger

Also, here’s an Image by the SymbianLatino guys at a presentation displaying a set of phones which are proposed to be in the Symbian Carla family. Though it’s too blurry, but I think I saw a C7 right there? 🙂

Now the BIG question I guess is … When? Count on us to keep you updated.

Read more from the guys at Symbian Developers

Huge thanks to the guys at SymbianLatino for some of the resources in this post!

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