Full Symbian^3 Source with Bootloader Source Leaked – Will It Help?

9 Jan , 2012  

dj U.G. on Daily Mobile Forum posted a thread with full source along with bootloader source of Symbian^3. Many people are excited because it contains the source of bootloader, that means, it can be unlocked and modified to load another OS like Android or MeeGo on Symbian^3 devices. Many blogs are already posting blog post saying, soon E7 or N8 will run Android on it.

Some well-known modders on Daily Mobile Forum already said that this source has been available on internet since couple of years. This source is old PR1.0 source which was publicly available on Symbian’s website.

CODeRUS , a well know Symbian Modder, also added, this is not going to help much at all in Dual -Booting Symbian^3 device. More he said about real Symbian Sources:

i have no sources of 9.4. it’s commercical. and nobody outside NOKIA have it.
Also nobody outside NOKIA have newer S^3 PR1.0 sources. it’s commercical too.
And nobody will get and nobody will share 9.4 and new S^3 sources. Forget about it.

Well, I really don’t want to disappoint you guys, I am no modder, but as per modders, it looks a like , this won’t really help much. And even the Symbian modders ,we had in old times, have moved to other platforms. We have even less expert modders in Symbian community right now. Even if porting is possbile, time, interest and skill is something we will really struggle to find in someone to port Android for us.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Protect your phone from theft. Use this app

4 Jan , 2012  

Have you ever lost your mobile phone before? If yes, How did it feel? Nice? I doubt! :/ Most of us cannot stay comfortably for few minutes without our Nokia phones not to talk of loosing it. Just to save you from that sad moment of loosing your mobile phone, we have decided to give you a “Plan B” to secure you just in case you fall into that bad condition. If you’ve got the resources to watch the video below, you could skip the rest of the article and watch it otherwise keep reading.

There are many apps that offer Anti Theft solutions but this article is focused on F-Secure Anti Theft

What is F-Secure Anti Theft?

F-Secure Anti-Theft For Mobile is a mobile security application designed to prevent misuse of your personal and confidential data in your mobile phone. Anti-Theft Mobile has some powerful features like the ability to remotely lock the phone with a single SMS message. You can even know the location of your lost phone and even when the thief replaces the sim card in your mobile phone, the Theft Control feature lets you lock the phone automatically and even sends an sms message to you informing about the thief’s new number. Finally if you are unable to retrieve the mobile phone then you can erase all the data in the mobile phone with one sms message using the feature called Remote Wipe.

By sending a single sms you can control the data in your mobile phone and

– Lock your phone remotely
– Locate your phone remotely
– Erase the confidential data remotely
– Information about the thief’s new number

In Summary,

This Application:

– Is easy to install and use.
– Protects your confidential information against loss or theft
– Helps you locate your phone

Even Nokia supports the use of this application as they continuously add it to their mobile phones that support it just to encourage and support their customers. All that is required from you is to set it up and understand how it works.

You can download the Symbian version from the store free of charge. The Video below is a demonstration of how it works 🙂

PS: Before I call it a wrap, please note that having this application is not a guarantee that you MUST find your lost Nokia phone. A certain level of carefulness is still required of you as a human being.

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So you want to develop apps for Nokia? Here’s how to start.

2 Jan , 2012  

Let’s face it. Applications contribute to part of the reasons why people are passionate about different mobile platforms. Applications equally contribute to part of the reasons why people purchase certain brands of handsets. Have you ever wondered how these day to day applications you use are developed? Of course they are developed by normal human beings like you and I and they do benefit from the market as soon as their application(s) become popular demand. Now, let’s guide you on mobile application development:

What to Do

  1. The first thing you need to do is to MAKE UP YOUR MIND. You could ask yourself, “Am I seriously doing this or will this turn out to be another uncompleted project?” You need to have at the back of your mind that Nothing good comes easy. You will require a lot of patience during the process. Do not jump into something you might not be able to complete at the end of the day. Once you’re through with making up your mind, then feel free to move over to step 2.
  2. Ok, I believe we got a positive response from step 1. Now, Consider your resources. Do you have a stable PC? You will be needing a PC to actually create that application. Do you have a stable device (like a Nokia phone) to test your “product(s)” ? Once you’ve satisfied step 2, feel free to move over to step 3.
  3. Now what Operating System are you developing for? Nokia currently has Symbian, Windows Phone 7 (WP7), Maemo & Meego as their major Operating Systems. Are you developing for just one of them or would you rather try and make your apps compatible for all platforms? As a starter, we highly recommend that you start with your favourite Operating System as you would be able to test your application(s) with your Nokia Phone with ease.

Wow, we are over with the “Prior mind setup” now, let’s go ahead and give you tips on what you will need for a proper Nokia application development environment! 🙂

What you require

  1. Have you heard of Qt? – Well, Qt is a cross platform application framework that is widely used for developing application software with a graphical user interface (GUI) (in which cases Qt is classified as a widget toolkit), and also used for developing non-GUI programs such as command-line tools and consoles for servers. It is pronounced “cute”. Read more about Qt here.

  2. After getting familiar with the meaning of Qt Framework, you’ll definitely need to download the Software Development Kit (SDK) which you’ll use for creating your application(s). Visit and select your convenient method of installation. The SDK’s size is roughly 1.6GB
  3. Once you have the Qt SDK installed on your PC, the next option would be to play with the Qt Creator. It comes pre-loaded with examples that could enhance your learning process. Try out those examples and do some “play around” with them.
  4. Follow the experts: You’ll definitely need someone or group of people to look up to in your “Qt Life”. That option solely depends on you but you may wish to follow or be in touch with the following people below. We recommend them and we know their capabilities.

    @qtbynokia: This is Qt’s official twitter account. Feel free to follow them and get updates on their day to day Qt activities. They would be glad to support you when you have issues.

    @ltomuta: Lucian is a Qt expert. He is a friend of our team. Some of our team members have contact with him in the past and he was glad to help us without complain or restrictions. He is a nice person to follow.

    @janole: Yes! We highly recommend our dear Jan. You may not necessarily get support from him as regards to Qt but you ‘ll surely be needing some motivational talks or conversations. It may interest you to know that he is the author of the popular symbian twitter client – Gravity.

    @talv: Talv is similar to Jan. He develops for both the Symbian and MeeGo OS. He is the author of SymNote, SymFTP, SymPaper and MeeNote. He is sure to help you when you require assistance too.

    We are rest assured that there are so many more Qt experts out there. Do you know any of them? Please use the comment section and write about them. 🙂

See what we did with Qt. It’s actually no big deal 🙂 you can do better!

We do hope you have a pleasant Qt experience. Please Do NOT forget to share with us. GoodLuck!!!

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BH Production gifting Premium Apps

31 Dec , 2011  

Nice folks at BH Production are giving their all premium apps for free at Nokia Store as a new year gift. You will be able to download them for free for next 5 days. So don’t waste your time and grab it.

You can check their apps using this link:


Don’t forget to share this with your friends so they can also take the benefit. 🙂

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