Nokia 700 Review: Dynamite comes in small packages

4 Apr , 2012  


When I first received the Nokia 700 I was relieved to find that it was not a micro-SIM device which is something I’ve come to dislike over the last few months. One of the main attractions of the Nokia 700 would definitely be that fact that it’s one of the smallest and loudest smart phones available on the market today, but the smaller body doesn’t affect it’s usability at all as you’ll see below. Compared to the Lumia 800, the 700 is as tiny as it comes and at 9,7mm it’s quite thin. More…

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Nokia Belle update already available? Nokia Belle on Navifirm?

7 Feb , 2012  

As per some screenshots on dailymobile forums, the Symbian Belle/Nokia Belle firmwares are apparently available on Navifirm. They are seen for the Nokia N8, C7, E7 and C6-01 so far.

It is apparently expected to appear officially tomorrow via the normal Nokia Software Updater routes according to Michal.

The product codes uploaded today on Navifirm, should be ready to be installed via Nokia Suite by tomorrow

Some users on MyNokiaBlog are reporting they got belle update from Nokia Suite check below

Update 1: Looks like the update is already available in Some regions..

Update 2: Nokia Belle is now available for download Officially Check here for More Info

Update 3: Check your Country Belle update Status With Product Codes here more info

Sources: forum.dailymobile and symbianmobile

Via MyNokiaBlog

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Nokia Belle Available for N8 in Navifirm

1 Feb , 2012  

While  I was looking for updates, I saw 111.30.609 (Symbian/Nokia Belle) available for Nokia N8. Currently only, proto_dark_grey variant is available:

Well, this version is not available yet for Nokia E7-00 and C7-00. I have no more info regarding this but as soon as I finf out more I will update you on this.

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Nokia Belle update coming next week. See proof

18 Jan , 2012  

Update (30th January, 2012): Just like we thought, it was a typo error!

It seemed like a joke just yesterday how our tweets were geared towards the forthcoming update. We posted on how anxious we are on receiving our dear Nokia Belle on the fore runners of the Symbian^3 devices. As usual we were suggesting best practices that would make migration to this new wonderful platform a great one. Then, @nokia replied Ondrej Farkas’ tweet! Guess what they posted?

Could that be true or was it a typo? There was no further addition on this tweet and this leads us to one particular question. Is Nokia Belle really arriving next week? Next week will surely tell. Stay tuned to @NokiaTips, we will sure give you feedback on this topic once there is any.

In Addition, here is the link to the tweet: You could follow up the conversation and maybe ask and do let us know if there are any more updates.

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