[Game] Holi Hai! Symbian^3

7 Mar , 2012  

It’ Holi today. Tomorrow is Dhulheti, a colorful festival of India. For those, who don’t know about this festival,

The main day, Holi, also known as Dhuli in Sanskrit, also DhulhetiDhulandi or Dhulendi, is celebrated by people throwing scented powder and perfume at each other – Wikipedia


Are you too eager to play Dhulheti? Let’s play it on our Symbian device. Download Holi Hai! from Nokia Store  for free and Have fun. 😉

Holi Hai Description

Experience Holi in an Indian village. Squirt colours on others and have fun remembering the joys of Holi.


Holi Hai has total 5 levels in different places. You get 5 different levels, showing different villege/city areas to play.

Character will appear randomly on screen. To throw color, just touch that character. You will get 3 minutes time to score as much as you can.

Game has cool graphics and interface. This game really reflects the culture of village and small Indian cities.


You can download this game from It’s a free game.


Happy Holi and Dhulheti. 

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RUMOUR: Symbian^3 devices may never see Carla/Donna update, to work on 1GHz processor only

13 Feb , 2012  

So MyNokiaBlog is reporting that a substantial rumour is doing the round that Nokia’s next expected update, the Nokia (Symbian) Carla and Donna update never arrive for the current set of Symbian^3 or Anna device which received Belle update which include Nokia N8, C6-01, E7, C7, X7 and E6 due to hardware limitations.

It is being said that Carla and Donna will run only on 1GHz processor or more.

So the current range of devices which have only a 680 MHz processor will never see Carla and Donna and Belle update that they recently received would eventually be the last thing that users of the above mentioned devices ever see. This rumour comes to light after dsmobile who is a known insider related to Nokia/Symbian posted it over in the comments related to a query of Belle bugs reporting. So this is indeed heart breaking to know, even if it’s just a rumour.
But the current Symbian Belle devices which launched with a 1GHz processor will indeed be able to hold the Carla and Donna onboard them. So if you own a Nokia 700,701 or 603 then you are indeed the lucky ones out there.

Dsmobile also went on to throw a little light over the N8 successor that we have been hearing a lately and said that it will have the same 3.9 inch screen as that of the N9 and it’ll be curved at the sides. Only disappoint in this is that the screen resolution will remain same as that of the current Symbian devices.

Source: Mobigyaan

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Full Symbian^3 Source with Bootloader Source Leaked – Will It Help?

9 Jan , 2012  

dj U.G. on Daily Mobile Forum posted a thread with full source along with bootloader source of Symbian^3. Many people are excited because it contains the source of bootloader, that means, it can be unlocked and modified to load another OS like Android or MeeGo on Symbian^3 devices. Many blogs are already posting blog post saying, soon E7 or N8 will run Android on it.

Some well-known modders on Daily Mobile Forum already said that this source has been available on internet since couple of years. This source is old PR1.0 source which was publicly available on Symbian’s website.

CODeRUS , a well know Symbian Modder, also added, this is not going to help much at all in Dual -Booting Symbian^3 device. More he said about real Symbian Sources:

i have no sources of 9.4. it’s commercical. and nobody outside NOKIA have it.
Also nobody outside NOKIA have newer S^3 PR1.0 sources. it’s commercical too.
And nobody will get and nobody will share 9.4 and new S^3 sources. Forget about it.

Well, I really don’t want to disappoint you guys, I am no modder, but as per modders, it looks a like , this won’t really help much. And even the Symbian modders ,we had in old times, have moved to other platforms. We have even less expert modders in Symbian community right now. Even if porting is possbile, time, interest and skill is something we will really struggle to find in someone to port Android for us.

What are your thoughts on this?

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