#KnowYourNokia – Nokia N8

3 Feb , 2012  

What is #KnowYourNokia ?

If you are following us on Twitter @NokiaTips , you maybe aware of our new series of #KnowYourNokia . In case you are unaware, we host interactive #KnowYourNokia session on Twitter at our official twitter qccount @NokiaTips on a particular handset (and maybe on general topics in future) and we share tips, facts and some information about the topic of our #KnowYourNokia. The interesting thing so far has been that our dear followers have more tips to share with us. 🙂 As this session is at particular time, many of you may have missed that session so we thought to provide a recap of that session.

Last time, on 29th Jan, topic for #KnowYourNokia session was one the most favorite device, Nokia N8. We received huge response from our followers. Unfortunately, because of time limit, we have to close it but followers had lot more to share and that made us start another session / part 2 on second day. There were lots of facts about Nokia N8 that we came to know after this session. Here, we are summarizing our last #KnowYourNokia Session.


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Unlock Landscape Orientation in Nokia N9 HomeScreens

29 Dec , 2011  

Nokia N9 does not allow Homescreens to be used in Landscape mode by default. That doesn’t mean Nokia N9 doesn’t support it. An app called N9Tweak allows you to enable landscape mode and lets you customize other things like behaviors of keys etc. You are suppose to write some commands to do this. Well, that’s geeky and probably you want something that let you do this with just simple interface, right?



All you need to do is download Home screen settings by: Vesuri and follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the app from (Store link) and install on Nokia N9. Don’t worry, it will not be shown as an app in menu homescreen.
  2. Now goto Settings > Applications > Homescreen and unlock the orientation or use the setting as per your choice. 🙂
  3. Enjoy your landscape menu homescreen!!!
For more tips, follow us @NokiaTips and stay tuned. Don’t forget to comment your problems or just give feedback. 🙂


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