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Nokia Lumia 800 – It’s new, It’s great, It’s Amazing

28 Apr , 2012  


About two weeks ago, I received review unit of Nokia Lumia 800 from Nokia India & Blogger’s Mind. I am really thankful to them for this. Nokia announced their partnership with Microsoft on Feb, 11. and embraced Windows Phone as their primary OS for next phones. Many people were shocked, sad, some happy but all were surely excited to see the outcome, and was I. Well, Nokia released their first Windows Phone , Nokia Lumia 800, and just like other, I wanted to try it too. But never requested before review unit being too busy with college. Finally, I got little time to try one and I spent about a week now with this lovely piece of hardware.

In last Decemeber, I had Nokia N9 with me and got to spend almost two months. Nokia Lumia 800 and N9, having almost similar design, comparable specs and different eco system, it will be good for me to compare between Nokia Lumia 800 and N9. Let’s start review with specs.


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