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Flappy Bird, a popular addictive game, Coming to your Lumia

3 Feb , 2014  


Flappy Bird, which is soaring on top on App Market on iOS and Google Play on Android, is coming to Windows Phone. Game developer @dongatory has confirmed on Twitter that it should be coming quite soon on Windows Phone.
Goal of the game is to take duck to the end of the level without touch any obstacle. It is very simple yet tough game.

@dongatory has estimated 10 days for it to come to Windows Phone.



When asked whether it will support 512MB RAM, he said, he isn’t sure but he will manage to do that.

It is nice to see that popular games and app have started to appear on Windows Phone quite early than it used to take.

So are you excited to play the game and get addicted? 😀

Thanks WMPowerUser for taking it to our attention. 🙂

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Windows Phone 8 Announced: Multicore, 1280×768, NFC and Much More

21 Jun , 2012  

via CNET

Microsoft has finally revealed it’s new Mobile OS, Windows Phone 8 officially. It brings many new features and eliminates many other limitations in their former OS.

Multicore Support

It brings support for multicore support. Now stay ready for dual core, quad core Windows Phone devices. WP7 was super smooth on single core devices and now support for more cores will give more better performance. Theoretically, it can support 64 cores!

Bigger Screen Resolution

Screen resolution up to 1280×768 will be available and so you can expect WVGA (800×480), WXVGA (1280×768) and 720p (1280×720) resolutions.

NFC Support

NFC is becoming a vital connectivity option in current trends so Microsoft won’t like to stay behind. WP8 will support NFC.

More Features can be listed below:

  • IE10 with almost double performance than WP7.5 in HTML5
  • C,C++ code support for development
  • In app purchase
  • Skype and VoIP Integration
  • New start screen
  • Support for SD card
  • Windows desktop-level security

and lot more.

Stay tuned on Twitter @NokiaTips for more.

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Nokia Lumia 800 – It’s new, It’s great, It’s Amazing

28 Apr , 2012  


About two weeks ago, I received review unit of Nokia Lumia 800 from Nokia India & Blogger’s Mind. I am really thankful to them for this. Nokia announced their partnership with Microsoft on Feb, 11. and embraced Windows Phone as their primary OS for next phones. Many people were shocked, sad, some happy but all were surely excited to see the outcome, and was I. Well, Nokia released their first Windows Phone , Nokia Lumia 800, and just like other, I wanted to try it too. But never requested before review unit being too busy with college. Finally, I got little time to try one and I spent about a week now with this lovely piece of hardware.

In last Decemeber, I had Nokia N9 with me and got to spend almost two months. Nokia Lumia 800 and N9, having almost similar design, comparable specs and different eco system, it will be good for me to compare between Nokia Lumia 800 and N9. Let’s start review with specs.


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Meet InstaCam – Windows Phone Instagram client

2 Feb , 2012  

InstaCam by Dmitry Manayev was able to hit the windows phone market place yesterday and it has proven to cover most of the basic features that Instagram offers. With InstaCam you will be able to take pictures on your phone, add different effects, and then share them via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Most of the features include:

  • Browse anonymously without an Instagram account or login to use more Instagram features
  • View popular pictures from users around the world
  • View pictures from your friends or view your own Instagram pictures
  • Share pictures with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via email
  • Follow and un-follow users and see your own followers (following) (view limit
  • Add likes and post comments to pictures
  • See who liked picture (view limit 50) or added comments
  • Search for photos by tag
  • User profiles with feeds, likes, followers and more
  • Make your own photos, use one of 7 filters and save
  • Two special filters are exceptionally new and you will not find them anywhere else

Click Here to Download InstaCam from the WindowsPhone Market Place.

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